Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

Did you know it's Tuesday? Back to school they went. All the kiddos. I "thought" we had things set up for Chase to go to the High School, but NO, it has to wait till the BIG meeting tomorrow about the boys' education plans. Not that anyone disagrees that he needs to go the high school where he is closer in age to the other kids. Just a formality:(
I started out this day with great news. A house in the area we are looking to be, with potential for our family. I will be looking at it with the owner Friday. Just before I leave for Winter Retreat with the teens.
Yeah, not sending them off, going with!
Not sure how that happened, I think it had something to do with my BFF who is also going along.

So I will be without (you are reading this right) Internet access from Friday till Sunday!! At a Lodge with 21 kids, watching them have fun, feeding them, and seeing them learn about God. Hubby will be home with Camden and Kitty, he may not know what to do with just 2 kids- ha ha!!

Did I mention there is NO INTERNET services there? And I have been forbidden to post from my cell, I am to go commando (no Internet MOM, not without my underwear) and enjoy my time with 21 kids and not worry about the world beyond the lodge. Okay then. That's so easy for me-- NOT!

I've been wanting to post about something-- FUNDRAISING for adoption. And no we are not fundraising. But some people are. And I have heard comments from some people who believe that no one should ask others to fund their adoptions, it's their own responsibility to pay to form their family and basically if you can't afford it-Don't adopt. OIY. I would HATE to see where so many children would be if we all felt like that. If you are one of "those people" you can think what you want, but this is MY blog and here's my take on this.

Fundraising is cool with me. There is NO adoption insurance. You go to give birth, you have insurance that pays the bill. BIG difference. If not you have the government pay the bill but most all parents pay little to none to add a member to their family by birthing.

Adoption is a calling. God CALLED us to adopt. In that He knew where we were financially. He watched over us as we struggled to afford the costs of adoption for Kat. But we DID it.

Then He opened doors for us to see Chloe who had grants applied to her adoption beforehand because of her age and agency. We had learned from adopting Kat that we could do without MANY earthly things and we tightened our belts another notch. And we did it.
THEN He opened the door WIDER and sent us the boys. I came home from Ch*na with $1,000 I saved to go back for them. No where near enough to even START the process. But as we trusted in Him, the funds came. A grant, a donation, we opened up our hearts and said "we need this amount in 30 days or the agency will drop us. I had the letter in my hand and was crying as I typed. I thought "who will care?" Uhhh,YOU ALL DID. 14 HOURS later we had the fee we needed at that time to continue the journey. Folks, 14 HOURS. We sat in AWE.
And the entire journey happened because of FUNDRAISING. We didn't just ask, we worked over time, we sold stuff, we held raffles, we did all we could do. We don't believe you just sit back and expect it to be given. We didn't eat out, we didn't buy new clothes, we felt we were CALLED to do our part. But the BLESSING of this was the people who helped.
People from all over. People we knew, mostly people we didn't. People who had adopted, wanted to, couldn't complete an adoption, had never adopted. But were CALLED and responded to God's CALL to get Chase and Chance HOME.

What did this mean to us?? LOVE. Pure and simple. God's love for us, the boys, God wanting to bless the people who answered His call. And I do not doubt He has given them blessings for helping get these guys here. Feel free to post them in the comments people. Share what He has done for you! You are such wonderful people, I know every time one of you answered and donated God smiled with JOY and knew right then how He would bless YOU in the future.

I've heard people say "well people who donate will think they "own" a right to your child." Are you kidding me? These children are a GIFT. Not a possession. I don't OWN them. I parent them. I share them, their lives, their learning to encourage others to adopt older children who are soooo worthy of families. I help those riding the rough waters of adjustment in any way I can. These boys, and all our children belong only to God.

I have not had anyone come up to the boys and say " I helped you get home by giving money." Or anything close to that. And if someone would, I would say to our sons, "indeed, this a wonderful person who knows God's love for you and wanted to help you come home. Please thank them, because we are soooo thankful to have you here as our son."

I do not for ONE minute think that people should adopt if they can't afford to raise the child, that's a different story, but so many families are able to afford to raise a child or TWO but can't afford the fees completely to adopt. So SHOULD these children miss out on a family that loves them? Is it better to NOT ask and NOT allow others to share this child and the triumph of seeing them come home??

I just don't think so. God calls us to care for the orphans. Does that mean we have to adopt? Nope, you can be the one who helps with FUNDS a family needs, your $10 might be the rest they need to go get that child or 2! Isn't that AWESOME?? What your little $10 gift, 5 less coffees bought a month, what GOD can do with your $10, and hers, and his, and MINE. More and more families are choosing to adopt 2 children from Ch*na now that they are allowing it. AND I LOVE seeing this. These kids need families. NEED. NOT WANT!!

As I stated, we are NOT fundraising. I am not posting this to get anyone to give money, although I have a family that I may need to focus a post or 2 on and try to help them in the near future.We'll see. Then we will share again the amazing feeling it is to give and know what YOU did for an orphaned child to get a family. One of God's children. I fully support FAMILIES being made:)
And that's my two cents about that.

BTW, we met the boys in the hotel lobby 8 months ago today. I STILL feel the tingle of joy when I recall catching sight of them as they came in. All smiles, smiles so big, so full of happiness. God's beautiful sons, handed to us to share their lives. WOW. It just doesn't grow old. The AWE of what HE did never ceases.


Family said...

Well said!!

Have fun on the youth trip and hopefully your wont have computer withdrawls...I know I will from not having your posts:)

Sarah said...

I can't imagine why anyone would think that people should not accept help with adoption fees and travel costs. It was a blessing, a joy and a privilege for our family to join the community that helped bring Chase and Chance home. Thank you, Vickie and Ron, for allowing so many of us to share in the excitement and wonder of watching the dollars tick down. We were done building our own family, but the thrill of bringing home a child - any child - never fades. Our children knew we weren't going to adopt any more children ourselves (not that they didn't try to change my mind!), but with us they shared Chase and Chance's journey. I'm glad they had the gift of that experience as well, and I hope they will build on it when they become adults. It's a gift that will keep on giving.

Heather said...

Well said. Have fun with all those kiddos this weekend. And your last comment about meeting the boys.....so special! I can just imagine what that was like for all of you! Such great kids you have...all of them!

Difference2This1 said...

Wondeful words to read about the blessings of helping a family bring a child home. Prayers for many blessings for your family in 2011. Jennifer