Saturday, January 15, 2011

Those BOYS!

Whoa. We have some B-A-D boys here. We started off with Chase, he got mad on Wednesday after school. (Note this is now Saturday!) Camden shared his DS with Chase but said "don't play this one game." And guess what Chase DID?

Yep, played that game. So when I asked him if he understood what Camden had said and he said "yes," W-E-L-L then. I wasn't too happy and then he walked away from me as I was still talking to him. OIY. BIG no-no. He refused to come back when told.

He was angry and went off to bed at 6 pm! Refused to eat, speak to us, pouted. I waited till all the kids went to church then tried to talk to him. I told him I didn't know how he treated Ch*na momma but I was American momma and wouldn't tolerate this. He looked at me and said "I Ch*nese, I said "DONE."
Hummm I thought. DONE. I wasn't DONE, but he thought he was?? I think the only one saying "DONE" around here should be ME. I told him he needed to say "sorry" to me and to Camden and then let things go, not pouting, not going without eating, being angry for days. That HE doesn't say "DONE" to me.

When dad heard what the issue was he claimed the boy "takes after me." And I said "yep, he probably does." I just accepted it, so there dad!

Chase continued to pout all day Thursday, didn't even make me one single cup of tea! He got up for school yesterday morning, after pouting all that time. He smiled at me. I was thrown back to a time with Chloe when she pulled the exact same thing on me. (pretend it never happened and not apologize) I looked at him and said "are you going to say sorry?" Then the attitude was right back. MAD. Off to school he went.

Got a call pretty shortly thereafter from school stating he refused to do his work, he wanted to call one of our translator friends, a Ch*nese professor (female) that he respects. I told the teacher "no."

That he could talk to her at home when I called her after school, that he needs to understand when he is angry he is not getting his own way. He is at school to do his lesson, mad or not, he is not in school to be coddled. That they could tell him they would call dad to come from WORK if he continued to refuse to do his lesson. (He straighten up and did his work)

I had called our friend while Chase was in school and explained his issue. Told her he had to understand to say "sorry" and let things go. Not to walk away from mother when in trouble. I love how she says "oh those teenagers, I can't believe you take on 3 of them!" Cracks me up.
When I got home (job interview yesterday- it went well:) She talked to him for 5 minutes. As soon as he hung up, he came to me, he said "sorry." Then he went to Camden and said "sorry." He was fine. (Yep, 5 minutes with her, 3 days with us- OIY!)

He is one stubborn boy. I am so glad our friend is very "no-nonsense" with him and he responds to her well. She's very "grandmotherly" which I think helps. She told him he is not to go without eating either, to basically "knock it off."

I no sooner get that one straightened out and Chloe informs me that Chance was trying to be "cool" on the bus and belted out the "F" word. And I don't mean FUDGE.

That Donovan had told him it was a bad, bad, BAD word and to never say it again. When other kids were saying it and Chance started repeating it and even after told not to say it, Chance was belting it out anyway.

Double OIY! That BOY! So off HE went to their room (it's not getting unused obviously) after I told him he was losing going to stay overnight Sunday at his friend's and he said "I don't care." Ohhh, I love, love, LOVE this phrase- NOT!

So I said "oh, you don't care, how about you lose TV, (I don't care) DS, (I don't care) okay, go to your room and stay there. Guess I have another stubborn mule like his momma?? So now he is angry. I am sure it has plenty to do with the ATTENTION Mr. Chase got over his 3 day pouting session. Do they really think I don't KNOW what they are up to?? Chance can be very jealous when too much attention goes to Chase.
I did tell Mr. Potty Mouth he would get soap in his mouth to clean it if I ever heard anything bad came out of that mouth again.

Another week of learning, how to be a son, how to respect- a pretty typical week here in our corner of the world:) Hey, at least they took turns in their issues, huh? Wasn't that sweet of them?
Gotta love 'em and I do, I was telling someone about Chase and what he did to Camden and I went to say "they have to learn to get along with each other as they are flesh and blood." Oops. No, they aren't. Adjust that to "they are brothers." Guess in my mind I forget, which is what happens. They are the same to us, all of our sons. No matter where they come from. I guess when you go to make a goof like that you really understand how deep your love for the "new" son is.
No less mine, just arrived later in time:)


Jennifer said...

Oh dear... BAD boys! I wonder what Miss Chloe has cooking up to top them. ; )

Love ya Vickie!

mom2three said...

Oh, the attitudes! I was wondering the other day if the doors had been put back on the kids' rooms. When they get sent to their room, I am assuming there are no more slamming doors whether the doors are there or not.