Wednesday, January 19, 2011

School delays

The kids have had school delays for 2 days in a row now, with another one possible tomorrow. What does this mean? The teens get up at the regular time, they are all ready, shoes and coats on. I come downstairs and say "did you check if you have a delay?" They look at me as if I have started speaking Greek. Or grown a horn out of my head. Or called them stupid. Ohh, you get the idea.

I check and they have a delay. So I tell them. And they say "WHAT? What that mean?" So I tell them it means they leave 2 hours later than normal due to the ice. And then they argue that they don't see any ice. And at least one of them states, "Come on, this no fair." And they pout, for 2 HOURS.

I could be thrilled they are so happy to go to school. BUT--- I am the one sitting here with 2 extra hours of them pouting then they start drilling me with 50 million questions. Mainly about the big news------ (drum roll please)

The house. Offered accepted. Now to sell ours:) We actually showed it last night, even though we weren't quite ready, it was someone we knew could potentially be interested and understands we have 8 people living here. I had enough clutter cleared out and packed away to the garage to feel okay about them coming in and looking around.

Irregardless, it will take us a few weeks to pack, and the house we are buying we are lovingly naming "our money pit" for the time being. WHY? Well, first - The Mon*y Pit movie was one of my all time favorite movies. The home turned out amazing. Secondly, the house needs a ton of work. We are excited to finish it out to suit us, and we have a contractor ready to go. We think it will be amazing done. Not sure when that will be, but it's our adventure.

As far as the kids go, yep, Chloe is already packed. Living out of a suitcase, no matter that we told her it could be a couple of months for everything to be done and us ready to move in. And the doors, they went back on some time ago, on the kids' rooms. They tried to make it seem as if it wasn't a big deal, they claimed they LIKED the doors off. I didn't fall for that. They had to earn them back and not one of them has been slammed since:)

I should learn to clarify, we are only moving a few miles away. Just to a bigger place, with 2 bathrooms. Big yard. Yeah, those all important things in life, having dealt with one bathroom all these years and now having Mr. Beautiful (Chase) whom we all have to chase out of the bathroom to go pee, we are really hurting to have that second bathroom.

I have a "house" folder and Chloe has all her desires for "her" room in there. Light green walls and either one wall bright pink, or possibly blue, she's not sure about that yet. But she wants pandas on her walls. It's something new for her to pick her room colors, decorations. She's over-the-top excited about that:) She also marked every room that anyone had to "ask" to enter if it's not their room.

All important details, ya know?


JShannon said...

Someday 5 or 10 years from now you can ask the boys,"Hey do you guys remember when you thought that a 2 hr delay wasnt fair? Hahaha. And your moving? Where are you moving too?

The Tweetens said...

I can totally relate to the one bathroom! We have had 8 people with one bathroom, and just last week...our 2nd one downstairs was finished!! So much less stress each morning. :)

Jennifer said...

I just had to laugh about earning back the doors! I'm so glad to hear we aren't the only parents to have done that! At one point after we adopted our daughter from Siberia at age 12 (who had more than a few issues to deal with) she ended up with a near empty room and had to earn it ALL back!

Sue said...

Congrats on your new house. We are lucky to have 2 bathrooms. I wouldn't know what to do with only one bathroom and teenager that loves to be in the bathroom