Monday, January 31, 2011

Noisy boys

What is it about the sound Lego's being picked through out of a big container that sets your teeth on edge and your head pounding?

Or is that Chance, my son, the King of Ornery? I'm not sure which one is worse tonight. Chance came home from school and I gave them the option to go to brother Derrik's and get paid $10 each (him and Chloe chose to go) to do all his dishes. Yeah, got some L-A-Z-Y going on with that older boy.

Once Chance got back I was working on taking down the numerous photos of our family in our hallway. WELL.... Chloe was more than happy to help, barking out orders at her brothers so well she makes a momma proud:) "Get more newspapers, get the tape, get up here, carry this, carry that." That girl can delegate, that's for sure.

I managed to get it done even though Chance claimed he couldn't figure out how the tape dispenser worked (he was PLAYING with it the other day and seemed to figure out how to WASTE a bunch of tape THEN) and next I told him to sweep.
More moaning and groaning ensued, yeah, he acts like he can't possibly do ONE more thing to help. I told him to "knock it off". I got that done, then was getting out all the nails, when I finished he took the hammer and was pulling nails where I didn't want him to. Had to tell him to "knock it off again." Then I filled (yeah, you all are just wondering how many jobs I can do, I know it!) the holes with spackle, and sanded them.

As I am doing this, goofball, oh, I mean, Chance is going along trying to make holes for me to have more to do! I got done and he was driving me bonkers, yelling over the sweeper Chloe was using in her room, and he just happened to be right by my ear. Another "Chance KNOCK IT OFF."

Finally he got his snack, after asking me for the 100th time would we have school tomorrow because we are getting another bad storm which has already started. Then he declared he was going to bed. I sighed and said "ahhhh, peace." Spoke too soon though because Mr. Smarty Pants, comes down with tape on his mouth and thinks he's just too cute for words. I told him "good keep that on there!"
And he said "Oh MOTHER, I can't help but talk, 'cause I Ch*nese boy and that's how me is." Uhh, huh. Must have forgotten he came with brother---- the one who is QUIET. Except for now, Chase is digging his heart out in the Lego bin helping Camden (reading this right-- CAMDEN) with a school project. Saying "black, yes or no. Red, yes or no." WHOOO HOOOO. Getting along. like BROTHERS. Makes a momma wanna cry.

I guess I'll take the noise, just to see this:)

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JShannon said...

Your family sounds like a hoot! I can not wait to meet everyone!!