Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miss Kitty Cuteness

Miss Kitty doesn't really get the blog time she used to. But trust me she is still the wonderful Diva girl that she always has been. She was so happy to get 2 new outfits for Christmas, from me and dad.

She loves, loves and loves, anything girly and let me tell you, these are the cutest dress and ruffled pant sets I have seen. A knot dress, can be worn alone, and ruffle pants, which can be worn with a shirt or under the dress.

Kitty will wear hers year round, in the cold with a turtleneck, as shown, in the summer the dress alone, and the pants with a shirt. If you aren't familiar with a knot dress, instead of buttons at the front, it ties into knots, making it possible to tighten or loosen giving you YEARS of wearing. This is not a "grow out of in a season" outfit. No way.

I have no ties to this extremely talented seamstress, code named "The lady bug." But I had to ask her if I made a blog post showing her work if she could offer a "Kat special" to anyone who would see the outfits and want to order one or more:) She doesn't have a blog or website, she's too busy sewing:) But I KNEW people would ask so here's the info~

You can e-mail her at ~ and mention the "Kat special" and her price is $30 plus shipping. You read that right, $30. She makes them in size 12 months to 10 years and if you have a girl like ours, with a skinny minnie waist, she is wonderful at getting measurements and making your set a perfect fit.
She also has other fabric choices so ask if that is something you are interested in. The pink and brown outfit is a sparkling fabric. The blue is not, but I really can't pick a favorite, they are both just too cute.
Our Kitty is about a 2T waist size, but a 6 in length. So it's very hard to fit her with clothes so this was so nice to hand over measurements and in a few weeks, here came 2 perfectly fitted outfits, made so well I could hardly believe they were handmade. Making her as cute as a button, I'm just sure you all agree.
She thinks she is a princess in her outfits, and she got tons of compliments when she wore them to school this week.

So enjoy her in all her cuteness, we sure are:)


Sherri said...

she is Kitty cuteness!!! What a beautiful little girl you have there.

mom2three said...

What a cutie! And I love the matching flowers in the hair. I'll have to contact the "lady bug" since my Hunan sweetie is also a girlie girl and would love to wear such a pretty outfit.

Lori Lynn said...

She's adorable. It's so nice to see Kat get some more blog space. She is so close in age to my Chloe from Qinzhou. Chloe will turn 7 next week. We too, love the knot dresses.