Monday, January 17, 2011


That Kat can really come off with some of the funniest things---

I sub for her Sunday School teacher once in a while and when I got a call Sat night from him to teach Sunday, I said "sure." I usually get material from the Internet and do a lesson following the last time I taught. Which was about Cain and Abel.
So what does Kat say in church to me? Are you gonna teach about those brothers again? And I said "Do I need to or do you remember that lesson?" She said " I remember, it was about keeping the brother you got."

Uhh, that would be "be your brother's keeper?"

We were at community church service last night, this is where we go have evening service once a month in some one's home. It's been wonderful to get to know people easier with the relaxed atmosphere of being in a home.

They asked Kat if she had anything to say, and this was what she said "My life is PERFECT!" Ahh, to be seven years old again:)

We are cleaning today. Fun, fun. Chase, as usual, is willing to help me in any manner I ask, or I don't even have to ask. Chance, as usual, is pouting and sighing anytime I ask him to help. I can't get Kat's head out of her DS, that whole "crack for kids" might be TRUE! Camden cleaned his whole room, he did a super job. With no whining or complaints! Sure was nice to have him do that:) We are preparing if we need to show the house, and if not, well then, we'll call it purging. Nothing wrong with that. Getting rid of stuff that's sat around and clutters up the place.

I have no issue with deeming things GARBAGE- it can go. HUBBY, on the other hand tends to think things can be saved, spared, used later, etc. I'm into trashing, donating, cleaning out, getting rid of it. So as I fight to downsize the mass, he will be checking to see what I am throwing away and saving things from ME. I think less is better, although it does require a ton of stuff when 8 people live in a home.

I can't believe I accomplished anything with 8 kids in the house for most of the day, yeah, we were watching kids as well as having my own. Just a glutton, I guess. But they were entertained by the others being here and I got plenty done.

We are supposed to get a big ice storm tonight, the kids are really bummed that we have only had the 4 inches of snow we got last week so far. They did go out and make a snowman over the weekend, so they had enough good snow for that. No one looks forward to the ice storm coming, that's never any fun for anyone:(

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