Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm home

WOW. What an adventure. Firstly the lodge was amazing, it was so pretty with picture perfect snow covered trees, we had snowfall and about 6 inches of snow total. Such a blast for the kids to play in.

The kids had a fun filled, God focused weekend. Good food, tons of games and no curfew, at least, not until the second night when I was in charge. Yeah, I became the party pooper on Night 2 when everyone was exhausted (at least all of us adults) and it was well into Sunday morn anyway.
The girls won the "best pranksters" award of the trip, they got the boys good. Not only did they TP their door, they hid the boys shoes in the van! They were very slick about it too, no one heard them at all:)

Our weekend was filled with mishap. As if we were not supposed to get there, have the joy of this weekend or remember it with fondness.

Yeah, stuff happened going, there AND getting back. Stuff in the manner of --

Getting there- first van catches on FIRE- as the starter goes out of it. We hadn't gone 10 miles, so we turned around and went back to garage for repairs. They got us fixed and on the road when we locked ourselves out of the other van with it running and no one inside it. OIY.

Secondly, the speaker for the weekend was in an accident getting to the lodge, he had to be pulled out of a ditch to make it there.

Thirdly, I decided to fore go the outside fun to spare my sore hip, I slipped last week at the New Year's party on just a few steps but hurt my right hip as I caught myself. So didn't I manage to slip on wet tile in the foyer and land on---my right hip, right before bed last night. Ohhh is it ever sore now. Makes me feel so O-L-D.

Then to cap off the weekend we were no more than 2 miles from the lodge going home, and boom. Flat tire. On one of the vehicles. We pull over, call the service center. We sit. We wait. At one hour, we go to find a bathroom in vehicle #2. Guess what? Flat tire! Honest!

We were able to go a mile or so and find the kindest woman who we stopped on the street in the freezing cold and asked to use a bathroom of a church nearby and she went and opened the church for us.

We learned the little store in this tiny town was closed down. As was the local garage. And everything else. We were able to unload all those kids, use the facilities and get back to the other disabled vehicle until the service truck arrived to fix the tires.

4 hours late we pulled into the church. I do have to say, the kids were really well behaved. For sitting for 2 1/2 hrs in a van, with only cookies and a BR break, we weren't prepared to feed them and you know they are constantly hungry as they are teens:)

I really enjoyed my time with the kids. Mine and the others. I really liked that the speaker did a lesson geared for the teens then followed up with breaking them up into small discussion groups after to allow them to talk more about what the speaker talked about and gave the boys the ability to really understand better what the point of the lessons were. And they were really basic.

Being kind, being unselfish, giving your life to God, treating others how God wants you to treat them and understand we are all human and that God asks us to TRY and if we fail, we can and should just pick up and try again. Not to be discouraged. That we ALL feel that way sometimes and it's normal.

The main message was a huge one I really liked-- they are IMPORTANT. They can make differences in this world. They are loved by God. Just as they are. Deeply loved. Special. It's so hard to be a teen in the world today, I could just see them take the Word in. It was a really cool weekend. Even with the bumps.

I forced (yep, I even had to bop those 2 in the front on the head to get them to stop making goofy faces) FORCED, my kids to stand with me and get a picture before we left the lodge.

Note to self, do picture when we get there, not on the day we leave:( Grouches. That's all I'm saying about that.

Now, about the house. Well. I had hoped so much that it was in better shape inside. It needs a ton of work, some that would need done to make it habitable for all of us, and then we would be working on it for some time to come. But I see the potential. Someone said to me "it might not be what you expected but it may be what God wants you to have. And if so, you should NOT be disheartened in the gift." I do like the idea of being able to make it what I want, but it is a little scary to think of all that work.

We are looking to take a contractor with us through the house again, as well as let the kids see it. Chloe is very excited there is a room she claims via my pictures is "hers" already, it needs a paint job ( it's bright ORANGE) right now, needs trim, and carpet. She was thrilled that she could PICK her own carpet since it had none! She wants SHAG carpet. She is also asking everyone for "boxes" and then says "I have to PACK." She wants to pack NOW.

None of the kids really have an idea how moving works and Chase looked a bit panicked. As I am never sure what he is thinking I try to make sure I cover all bases that "could" be going through that serious side of his. So I said to him "you don't worry, we move, you go too, we don't leave you behind." I'm eager to see their reaction to the house, although a bit worried they do not have "the vision" I do when seeing it. I guess we will see what happens when the contractor sees it and go from there.

Well, that's the news. The weekend flew by but now I'm off to my bed, it's calling me, "Vickie, come rest on me." Boy, did I miss my bed:) Hopefully I will get good healing rest before we head out on our (totally uncalled for) big trip to Philly tomorrow. I'll let you know if they sing to Chase. our "new" American.

For now, night, night.


Nancy said...

Was so looking forward to this post, and you didn't disappoint. Sounds like the weekend wasn't as bad as you had anticipated. House sounds doable.

Adrian Roberta said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see photos of the house!