Tuesday, January 11, 2011

COC is home

Honestly. We got the Certificate of Citizenship for Chase. No oath required, we walked in, waited our turn and was called in, he signed his name and they handed it to us. No singing was heard, no applause, nuttin". Very disappointing.

I tried to explain we were supposed to get it in the mail. They made some lame excuse about how "they" did not do the processing. It stated right on it that he became a citizen the day he arrived in the USA. It also stated it was processed in JULY 2010. GRRRRRR.

I kept track of my costs to get there and back, I WILL be writing a letter of complaint. Not to that office either. They do not care. Very obviously.

I did get to learn some things by making this totally uncalled for trip to Philly. And here they are~

All about Brandon~that #3 son of mine.

Well. He has a girlfriend. I met her yesterday on the trip. A cute little thing, red headed too.

They seem to share a love of piercings. She has numerous hoops on her face. And he informed me that he got his tongue pierced. Hummm. My brain was working overtime on that, but I have learned I get in trouble with sons later if I ask what I am thinking so I held it in. (I really wanted to know if they ever worried about getting his piercing caught in hers when they kissed, and if they did how would they call 911? ) I mean, a mother has to worry about these things, ya know?

My son must need glasses. He saw those "Speed Limit 65" and he drove 80 in the left lane dangerously close to those concrete barriers. At least it looked that way to me from the passenger seat. When I asked him to slow down he went to a minimum of 73 mph and then went right back to 80+. I think someone told him I was worth a lot dead (I'm NOT) and he was trying to do me in!

My son lies, shamefully. When lost he claims he is not. He says he is "displaced" which I informed him didn't fool me. He also refuses to stop anyone and ask them for directions. He's so M-A-L-E.

My son smokes- I'm just appalled. His excuse that he walked past someone smoking but he wouldn't dream of killing his lung and brain cells by smoking cigarettes with ME explaining the dangers to him his whole life. Uh huh. Just why did he have to "check the weather?" A few times yesterday.

My son has taken years off my life and will not be driving me anywhere in the near future. He drives like a madman so if you see this young man driving- avoid him. I'm just sayin'.

Now for the GOOD of yesterday's trip. I was sooo tickled to have someone e-mail me. Someone so special! Joy asked us if we would stop at her home and accept a meal and break on our way home.

I was so happy to meet her fun-filled family, her kiddos were just the cutest and reminded me so much of Camden and Kat a few years ago. Adorable was the key word.

Their little girl, also from Ch*na, took right to Chase and even told him "pick me up, take me." To the playroom. Mom said she never does that, she wants to do everything herself, as only a typical 2 year old thinks they can:) She didn't want us to go but also said she was not sharing her toddler bed with US:)

And Joy who is an avid follower of our blog was so sweet, she made chicken patties, noodles and broccoli, knowing these are Chase's favorites. I can only say a huge "THANK YOU!!" to Joy and Stephen, that was so nice of you to welcome us into your home and make our "wasteful" trip something cool. I just wish we had gotten more time to visit, but we WILL get together again.

I got home to find out Son #1, who was babysitting told Donovan "sure" when he asked to go get a sandwich with a buddy. You can tell Derrik is childless since he didn't think to ask one thing about who was driving, how old are they, how long have they been a driver, how many teens would be in the car?"

And GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. They crashed. Thank God Donovan wasn't hurt bad, banged up his ankle and some other bruises, as well as losing his glasses somehow. I guess when they hit the ditch he yelled "it's gonna blow, get out." And they all scrambled to get out as fast as possible. Hence the missing glasses. He stayed home today, stiff and sore.

My hip is still on the mend. Today I was wiped out. Wanted to curl up in my house and stay there. So I did. And it started to snow. Pretty snow flakes, falling steadily. I was ever so glad that happened today and NOT yesterday. Phewww.

We are taking the kids to see the house on Sat. They are very excited. Chloe even took time off at Winter Retreat to write down in the "house folder" what she wanted in "her" room.

And yeah, she's wearing a trash bag for a fashion statement. Don't look for her trash bag dress in stores anywhere soon:)

For now we will enjoy being home, being warm, not needing to go out, and watch the pretty snow fall:)


Chad and Kristy said...

Ohhh, the trash bag dress is bringing back memories!!! I wore one for Halloween when I was in 4th grade. I had my hair pulled in a high ponytail on the side and my face pained white... I still haven't figured out what I was trying to be but I definetly had a mom and dad that let me use my imagination:)

mom2joy said...

How in the world can you still have RED hair? Just sayin'!!
Anyway, I lurk here regularly because it is so alive that it even spices up my life. If God is willing I hope your new house can come to pass. And you should have quite the helpers for packing.
Keep up your great parenting work!

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)
Mother to Joy Lin
born in Hefei 1996, adopted 1997

Family said...

Wow, now that was one busy day! Glad you made it home safe...BTW I would never let any of my kids drive me anywhere, they all scare me! Glad you had fun at least and you have the COC