Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby, It's cold outside

There's something wrong with my children. They tell me they were cold at the orphanage. Very cold. No heat in their sleeping dorms. 5 blankets and still cold. 2 of them actually have damaged tissue on their ears that will NEVER heal from being frozen.

So wouldn't you think once here, they would be thrilled to have coats, gloves, hats, warm house, blankets, etc. Ya think? Well not these goofballs that we are living with. Yesterday it was MINUS degrees out. And I said "put on coats, gloves." Well.... there came that look again, you know the one, like I grew a horn, was speaking Greek, hey, weren't we already HERE?

Chase said something about looking "goofy." To which a good mother, which I try to be, replied "You look goofy with NO coat on, not WITH a coat." When they arrived home Chance had his coat tied around his waist. Isn't he just the smartest little TURD.
Yeah, I informed him tied around the waist doesn't count as ON. Boy, was he unhappy.

Too bad. Not watching kids who have decent clothes for the weather NOT wear those clothes, for stupid reasons. Yeah, I said it. STUPID.

The kids stayed for Homework Help after school. And it didn't hurt any of them, even that pouter Chloe. She did just fine. I guess she thought she would need more information and instead of asking things like "how long is it, what do we do, who is picking us up, etc." She chose to POUT. For 2 days. I just don't respond to pouting and hopefully she sees it gets her NOTHING.

Chloe informed me she is Student of the Month for next month at her school. Silly girl had to ask me what this meant:) She had no idea. But it's a good thing, she is so determined when it comes to school, she has been graded with her classmates for over a year when she is really supposed to be a pass/ fail but she refuses to allow the teachers to NOT grade her.
It's been so cold here, even the dog doesn't want to go out. I have been staying in and keeping warm. Doing more cleaning and clearing, today I scrubbed the tub till my wrist ached. No fun, but needed. It's certainly not going to be easy to keep the house in "showing condition" with 8 people living here. OIY.

No school delays this week so far, but we are predicted a snow storm coming in tomorrow night. The kids are already asking if they will have off because of snow, as if I can predict weather along with all my other talents- ha ha.

They'll just have to wait and see. Like the rest of us:)
Update--- last week, SNOW- 2 hour delay. Minus degree weather- went to school regular time ~~I seriously wondered if the "call off person" overslept??
TODAY- not a thing happening outside-- SCHOOL CLOSED??
Yippee yeah, I'm home with 9 children. Yep, extras today even. Just GREAT. Bonding time galore. (yeah right)
Good thing that tub is clean---- Calgon take me awayyyyyyyyyyyy


Sherri said...

Vickie, I feel for you having to keep the house in showing condition with 8 people there. The last time we moved, my bio kids were preschoolers. I would strap them in their carsseats and run in to clean the house. haha Too bad you can't do that with yours!

Chad and Kristy said...

I am feeling your pain... trying to get my house clean to put on the market but 3 kids and a husband are really making it difficult... not to mention being preggers, no energy, and working full time... I am beginning to wonder if it will ever happen.