Friday, January 21, 2011

Another day, another delay

Yep, another 2 hr delay today. The kids were SURE they weren't going to have school and stayed up much later than they usually do. They played cards, Camden, Donovan, Chance and Chloe. I'm not sure who won, but I heard a ton of yelling. (FUN, not bad)

I went to school today, I was asked to do a presentation about Ch*na. Of how children are treated as orphans. I did this last year for our daughter Malaree's gifted class, it's not a "stand up front presentation." But more of a laid back, sit around on chairs and couches in the gifted room and chat. Makes it so much easier to speak, especially about things so close to my heart.

It went well and as I went to leave, who do I run into but MY SONS:) There they were coming down the hall with their English teacher. I grabbed Chance and put him in a head lock and rubbed his hair. (don't worry, no other kids were around- I knew if there were other kids in the hall to pretend I didn't know my own kids)

He said "Hey, don't mess up my hair." Oops. Sorry. Chase just looked cautious but was open enough to say "What you doin' here?" I knew they BOTH were thinking they were in trouble, because that's what they think anytime I go to school. Their teacher introduced herself. Chase went on to tell me the bus was 15 min late that morning, and Donovan was telling them to go back home.

I told him "he was smart to NOT listen to Donovan." When they got home, as well as dad, I said to dad, "guess who I ran into at school today and they yelled mom, MOM, it's my MOM!!" And then I said, "Oh, not my sons, that's right, they pretended they didn't even know who I was." And they laughed, but I could also see them take note, that they should have told their teacher who I was, not let her introduce herself as I had to do with her. She said she "figured" I must be their mom from the head lock:)

Later Chance was talking to me about having to kiss and hug, that it was "gross" and he didn't want to do that. I told him his girlfriend would be very unhappy if he didn't tell her he loves her and hug and kiss her every single day. I asked him how was someone supposed to know he loves them? Like me? How do I know?

His answer? When we came back to Ch*na to get him, he loved me from that minute on.

Is that sweet or what? I *could* have asked him why he was such a turd for me then in Ch*na, but I didn't want to spoil the moment so I just let it go and just enjoyed that warm fuzzy feeling of love from my son.

The kids called back to the orphanage later today, Chase wasn't real interested in talking, mainly due to their favorite auntie not being there:( He went to Chloe's room and was playing a game on her computer while listening to some music.

I checked on him later and asked him what he was up to, just leaned in over his shoulder. About an hour later he was still playing when I stopped in again, he made sure to tell me that he was "good- ahh." I didn't think he was upset or anything, but he was making sure I knew he wasn't. I guess he has learned his momma worries about him:)

Chance and Chloe went to spend the night at their friends and when I asked Chance if Kat could sleep in his bed tonight since she can't stand to sleep alone, he said "yes, but tell her no touch- ahh my things, be gentle to my bed, I like- ahh my bed very much." Kat said "I love my brother sooooo much." So it's made her day or more appropriately her night, when she knows she will be sleeping in the room with other people to keep her company:)

We showed our house again today, the kids all wanted it to be SOLD, when they got home, I guess they are sick of cleaning up already, OIY! I reverted to bribery, I promised each one of them $25 if they keep their rooms clean till we sell, and $25 if they help pack up and move. I tell ya, we usually don't pay for chores, we give them money if they are going to something and need it, but we don't pay allowance. It doesn't work for us, too much of "NOT FAIR" and quite honestly, they live here, why shouldn't they help?

But this is something special and they outdid themselves last evening getting everything ready to show it today. Sadly, they thought that would be IT. Sold. But the person who looked at it we know from church and she is single. It's a pretty big house for a single person. Chloe decided to fix that- she said this woman just needs to get herself a husband and have kids and so she should buy our house! That girl sure can be funny.

She asked last evening if she could use my "raccoon." I looked at her and said "my WHAT?" We got a good laugh when I figured out she meant "vacuum!" Chance got a puzzle we have with a picture of a raccoon on it. He enjoyed pointing out to Chloe that HE knew what a raccoon was.

So we keep on packing and we know God has this all planned out, He knows the right person to buy our house and get us moved to the new place at the right time. I did teach my sons how to take down curtains, and then rehang them once clean- something they had no clue how to do:)

Their wives can thank me someday:)

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