Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weird kids

My kids are so weird. Just weird. They are rubbing watermelon rinds on their faces as it's supposed to be good for your skin. Per Chloe that is.

Not sure if she told Camden that just to see him do it, but now the freezer has a bunch of watermelon rind sitting in it. You know what I mean, right at the front so when you open the door, it falls out all over you?
I'll reserve judgement till I see some really silky amazing skin, then I'll let you all know so we can all slather our faces with watermelon rind.

Speaking of skin, Chase is mad at mom, I took his pimple cream. Between covering his face in it, going out places with white dots all over his face, and refusing to listen when I tell him it's not meant to be used that often or that amount, I confiscated it. Not sure how long I will have to keep it but I will be sure it is long enough that he will listen to me before he gets it back. The woes of being a teen.

The kids spent the day picking at one another, tattling, whining and picking some more. Pretty typical day. Didn't bother me too much, since they were all six doing it and it just seemed to be that kind of day.

We made index cards with simple things for the kids to see how a family works together. Everyone got to help. It was really easy things that Chloe translated for the boys but we made sure it was clear that all the children needed to do these things to make things better for all of them. To get along. To be siblings. And all the kids are doing them. At least trying.

We are family. They are behaving just like siblings, all of the children. We are so happy to watch the boys finding their way, standing up for themselves as we want them to. They are important and most of all---LOVED deeply by all of us. God's blessings for sure.

BTW, we will be able to keep our kids in touch with their buddy, blondie. They will be a help for his transition for sure, he can see they have BTDT and made it:) The other boy in picture we are trying to learn if he is paper ready to get him adopted.

I have to share what Chloe's idea was about us adopting again-- "we paid people to do paperwork 4 times to get all our Chinese kiddos here, so why they not do it five time for free?" I have yet to hear of the "get four then #5 is free" deal so for now their wish of us going back for a little one is not likely to happen. But isn't she a total hoot?

Right now we know our focus is the boys and getting them settled in completely. Our hearts are full and we have no doubts, no regrets:) Older children are soooooo worth it!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Get tissues ready

Do you know that our children have friends? Friends they love, friends they left behind. Friends that desperately want a family? They want to be someone's son, to hear "a package came for YOU- pictures of YOUR family who are coming for YOU."

One of these children touched our heart deeply. He is Chase and Chance's best friend. He is the stunning blond, with gorgeous hazel eyes.

Can you imagine what he is thinking?? The clock is ticking....tick tock, tick tock. He has just over a year to find his very own family, people he can call mother and father, that want to get to know HIM. Who delight in watching HIM play and grow and learn to speak English. People who will be there if he falters, who will love him no matter what, who will teach him about the Heavenly Father.

He's a precious boy, very kind and thoughtful. Very loving, just wanting to be loved. Waiting to be discovered by his very own F-A-M-I-L-Y.

I've prayed and prayed for this child to find his forever family. On the very day I was working on a post to advocate for this boy AGAIN, I got word that --- IT HAPPENED----- He is getting a family of his own! (And it's NOT us- MOM)

Just had to share our joy that another child, a boy, a precious SON, is going to be coming home. WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO! God is sooooo good. No doubt about it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Did they like the ball game? In a word... no. They did not. Chance came home and said "mother, no" (pretending to bat ball)--- then he pretended to shoot a hoop and said "good- okay?"

Yeah, I got it. Not impressed with the fireworks either, considering they have amazing ones in Ch*na that was a bust as well. Baba did say they behaved fairly well.

My niece who drove them mentioned something about "smacking them up along side the head" and I had to gently remind her we do not hit our children--not in public, at least. Just a joke MOM, do not call me!

She said it had to do with the doors of the van and the kiddos playing with the automatic doors, putting things in the door to keep it from being able to shut and just generally playing with it. Errghhh.

So they are banned from touching the doors, I have to hit the button to let them in and out. I kinda like that idea, no one out or in till I say so.....hummm.... more power to go to my head? Hahah ah ahahaha

Or is that the motor revving in my head again? That short drive to craziness?? Hmmmmm, now there's a thought.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Friday

Isn't it amazing that kids all over the world are pretty much the same? Like when they do not have school they think every day mother should have a social event planned for their day, something fun, mind you, not WORK oriented. Something that doesn't start too early to interrupt their "sleeping in" (till NOON Donovan!) nor anything that requires them to sweat or not look good.

REALLY? Someone forgot to give this mother those rules when she became a mother. My thought is we MIGHT do something depending on weather, behaviors and what needs done at home first. Imagine that.

Yesterday we went to the pool. This required a shower?? for Chase to go. Still not sure why? He even showered when he got home too? He's lucky he has any skin left, speaking of, he is peeling from the burn on his shoulders. They thought the sun was a different one than they had in Ch*na, uhh.. no... just take away the SMOG and you get clear blue skies and sun rays. So his first time swimming he burnt. Now his shoulders are peeling and it's something to PICK at.

I never saw a bunch of kids who spent so much time PICKING, and I'm not talking about Amer*can Pickers, where they come back with treasures. These kids pick at scabs, skin, their ears, any bug bite, scratch, anything they see or think they see on themselves. I have broke them of the "nose" picking, but anything else is game to them. I try to tell them they will scar worse if they don't leave things alone, makes no difference to them. Must be something they did out of boredom? A habit?

At least the boys have no nails left to do much damage to anything, a fact they still aren't happy with and continue to tell me my nails should be short as well. Sorry, no go Joe, oops-- I mean, Chase and Chance.

Chloe wanted to know when we went to the pool, "why these girls here have underwear look like it fall off? My ever observant daughter's meaning? The 10 or 11 year old girls wearing bikinis that were wayyyy too tiny. I class this in with "I do not want to see you in your jammies shopping at Walm*rt, please get dressed."

Our girls have bikinis, both Kat and Chloe with the cutest SKIRTS on them. That's right, skirts. Appropriately covering our young and impressionable daughters.

Although I must tell you this, a certain song our little Kat is just taken with, she is singing it anytime she hears it, not that she will be seen on Amer*can Idol any time soon. One small adjustment for her in the lyrics though- "it's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now, I'm a little CHUNK and I need you now."

Momma and Baba are quite happy she is our little "chunk" of love and sweetness and we are really hoping she picks another favorite song to sing before she gets the lyrics of this one corrected or we'll be having a talk with her! BTW, told her to smile for the picture, sassy girl:)

Our social calendar today is yard work, then if they all help (it's not looking good already- they claim they all need to eat before they can lift a finger) then they are going to a local ball game tonight with Baba and Son #1 with fireworks planned after the game.

Mom is staying home for some peace and quiet---- is it 6 pm yet??

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A better day

Each day brings a new start. And start they did.

Speaking English, just a few words here and there but ENGLISH. Chase even more so than Chance, Chance has more words than Chase that just come out, Chase thinks about what he is going to say, less spontaneous speaking but more words that he is using correctly. He is reading way ahead in the homework and we are going to be heading out to the library tomorrow to get more books for them.

I am so encouraged by them trying, we have played UNO for 2 nights now, all of us and they even went outside today and played it in the yard with each other. Teaching the boys their colors and numbers. They are so happy when they win.

Chase is reading the book for the 3rd time today:) He's no slacker when motivated and now that momma bear pushed my little cub he is taking off. Exploring his world. Chance just runs to see it all, dives right in, never looking back. But Chase is very different and much more cautious about his steps.

I have a feeling Chase will take his schooling very serious while Chance will be trying to skip out on any work he can. Using more effort to avoid the work than to just do it. He is working on his words, he gets Kat and Camden to hep him then comes and repeats them for me:)
Chase works with Chloe more often but will work with Camden as well. They may be totally different in personalities but they will be able to learn in their own ways.

Chloe has visibly been more at ease with them speaking more English, being able to ease off on translating every little thing. I don't ask her to translate unless I really need her to, I tell the boys to tell me in English if they can.
They are settling in for bed after Chase won 2 rounds of Uno. It's fun playing with them, when Chance gave me any Draw 4 or skip cards he said "sorry, sorry momma" and when Chase did it to me he laughed.

All in all a good day with our big family, feeling more and more that the boys are blending in, that they are understanding more and more what true family means. Each day shows a little more of the bond and love we all share.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Momma tears

Yep, they made me cry. I'm not someone who cries easily either. But when I talked with the boys about working on their English, that they needed to start asking for things in English, using some of what they do know more we hit a brick wall with Chase.
Imagine this, the boy is stubborn, like his red headed momma! He said "no." So I sat him and Chloe down, asking her to help me translate to point out that he NEEDS English here. That he is here for good, and everything he does, school, eventually work, life in general, requires ENGLISH.

WELL... he got very upset with me after a few "I don't know" answers from him to my question of how was he going to manage when he didn't want to learn English and USE it? I think the combo of it sinking in "he's here for good, no going back," the language barrier- his and mine- just built up on him and he blew. First he told Camden to stop doing something- only in CHINESE- and when he didn't listen ('cause he couldn't understand him) he kicked him. So I called Chase on that and he YELLED at me. At ME. In Chinese, of course, but I got the drift.

About that time I hit my limit of the language barrier, teen attitudes and quite frankly my hurt feelings, as well as hurting for HIM. I KNOW this is hard, and it hurts me to see him struggle so.
And the tears came. He has never seen me cry, not even when the kids were reunited, I was just overjoyed. But this was me HURTING. And he knew he was the reason.

Well, after some time and his obvious upset at making me cry, he came and apologized to me, might also have something to do with Son #2 . He came in and whipped out the translator I can't figure out worth beans, (no surprise there, I can barely use my own cell phone) but he was going to town on it-and managed to give little bro a message. It went like this "You EVER yell at mother again and I will come in and kick your butt." Translated to Chinese. Whoa. That got a "nod" of agreement, he understood he was really wrong and it will not go over well if it ever happens again.

He also apologized to Baba and said he will do his best to work on his English. And he has. We have someone who offered to work on English lessons with the boys and I took her up on it. I have said before, I admire deeply mothers that can home school their children. Matter of fact, I am downright jealous. I had enough of the 6 months till Chloe went to school and she had no other option- we spoke English.

The boys present a very different challenge, they can speak Chinese to each other and manage to get by with minimal English for the rest of us. Matter of fact, they were pushing us to learn Chinese, which I want to learn more but not at the expense of them NOT working on ENGLISH!
So I realized we needed help and Brenda, bless her, offered to help. She started them out with very basic stuff and it's clear Chance is trying to go through it as fast as possible and memorizing what he can. Chase is trying to really LEARN the words. He's very careful working on pronouncing them correctly too. But both of them are bright and want to learn (now).

After their lessons they got to swim and then we headed off to my old stomping grounds, a back road that I knew from childhood was covered in raspberries. The kids picked them for about an hour, getting scratched up pretty good, but they had a blast. I was thankful no one got bit by a snake, we were down in weeds shoulder high, in flip flops. We got about 2 pints, and made a dessert out of them, that is the ones Chloe didn't eat first:) Her whole mouth was purple.

The boys worked on their homework assignments already, they really seem eager to work on the words, I think they realize it will give them more freedom to talk with us, their siblings, friends, they both were speaking a ton more just today in the pool. Being very aware to speak English if they could. I'm so happy they can see how it helps them to use the words, that they can tell someone to "stop it" and it WORKS. And I feel so much better having gotten over that hurdle.

Sure glad we have God sending us help when we need it. He continues to guide us and provided the lessons and teaching the boys need. I need to be their mom. So this will strengthen their skills and our bond, as I can work on their homework that "teacher" gave them and they are very conscious that they need to complete their work for HER. They even read a very simple book to me, both of them. I almost cried again but I knew they wouldn't understand the tears of joy after the tears of sorrow so I held it in.

I share this as we have been home now 6 weeks and to me this is the hardest time. Things settle in but the lack of language can be very painful on both sides. The best thing of all is knowing that hanging in there really will bring improvement.
They are going to be immersed in English once they go to school and although we want them to have a good start before then even 4 months from now the boys will have made huge leaps in their language skills which will only continue to get better and better.
It's not a picnic every day but let me tell you-- when I saw how frustrated my son was I was heartbroken for him. I love him so much and it's hard to watch him struggle with this.
I couldn't love him more. I told him that too, I told him I want him to have the best life possible. I am his mother. This morning, I woke up to hot tea and he said "good morning mother" to me:) We're gonna be just fine, son. Just fine.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy Day

I believe there's a song and it goes like this.... You're simply the BEST, better than all the rest, better than anyone, that I ever met.

Happy Baba Day to you-- you are the best:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy Day Picnic

Daddy's Day is tomorrow. Can't beat Momma's Day when I had 2 new sons and was in Ch*na enjoying them:)

BUT.... I sent dad to a Father's Day picnic hosted by our church. Alone. With 5 of the 7 rug rats. First he won the prize for the most kids, of course he did. Then Mal got a prize for being a graduate. Then Chance got in trouble. Of course he did. That boy.
Good thing dad is already gray:( The picnic was near a small river. So who ended up wet and caught a snake out of the water and was throwing a dead fish around? Our wonderful son, Chance, of course. Look at his smile, now how could you be mad at him for very long? He's such a B-O-Y.
BTW (mom) no complaints about the pictures, I sent the camera along and said "get a picture of dad with all of you." Hummm... might want to start talking to the walls for all the good talking to these kids does me. Not ONE picture of dad to be seen. Not one. Lots of pictures of certain kids in the river......no pictures of DAD.

Luckily Miss Kitty did not go along to the picnic, she must not have slept well last night as she took a 3 hours nap today and I told Baba just to leave her here, she's a bear if you wake her from a nap. She is also terrified of snakes. Kat woke up and had slept so deeply she was trying to tell me it was Sunday. Yep, she thought she hadn't eaten all day and was not wanting to believe me that it really was still Saturday.

Might have something to do with the new little nocturnal animal in our house. I'll give you a hint, it's not "Snack- oh I mean, Lucy". She hasn't returned. It's a kitten. We are still tossing around names, Camden thinks "Oreo" due to her coloring, I like "Cookie" although after "Snack" I may want to avoid those "food" oriented names for our pets.

She's a cute bugger but she certainly likes the night time and she plays and plays while the kids are trying to sleep. Chloe said she landed on her face at 1 a.m. I just said "don't sleep on the floor, she thinks you are a big toy."

The children came home from the pool yesterday with lots to tell me. Firstly even the Chinese ones were burned. Chase and Chance that is. Chase is still walking around with no shirt due to his shoulders hurting. Camden was slathered in lotion numerous times, yet he still came home with a lobster face! I scolded my niece, who is burned as well, she said she put stuff on all of them.

Besides the sunburned children, apparently Chase is unable to swim. We thought he could but he dived into the deep end and had to be rescued! He was going down and taking poor Debbie with him. The lifeguard got them both out and she banned him to the part where he can still touch bottom. Chance swims like a fish. Not sure why one can swim and one can't but there it is.

Tomorrow's plans are church then a quiet day at home for Dad. He got his big gift already, we all went together and bought him a rocker/ recliner chair. It's deep brown and very plush. He really likes it. Since we found it on clearance as a last one in stock and had to get him to help haul it in the house, it was impossible to make it a secret. He can sit in it tomorrow and watch a NASCAR race and he will be in his daddy glory:)

And since we are honoring fathers, my hubby deserves some recognition, don't ya think? He is very patient, always willing to take the kids and do things with them, usually taking turns so they all get to feel special.
I feel so blessed to have him in my life, to be raising children with him, and I know a big part of having a good home for our children to live and grow up in is having a hardworking, strong dad who offsets their red headed mother:)

Happy Father's Day Baba, you're the best. I'm so glad to share my life and our children with you:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

You like?

Well? Like the new look? Keisha from Blogs For Babies did it. We are all done tweaking it now, got the names right:) The kids were bugging me about the pictures up top, mainly the boys. For children who never had mirrors to look at themselves they spend huge amounts of time doing two things-

1. Primping- this includes checking self out in mirror constantly, washing face, applying pimple cream to any area that even looks ominous of a breakout, showering till no hot water is left, applying gel to hair, teeth brushing, hair spraying and yelling if anyone dares to want in the sole WC we have. (hey, you all taught me the WC is water closet, taught by Chinese teachers as a polite way to say "bathroom" even though it's British and I had no clue why they saying WC.)

2. Checking out every picture ever taken by mother and even others (at the doctor's yesterday) to "approve them". Once I got him when he was really smiling and he wasn't happy, he tried to get camera out of mom's hand but "somehow" it ended up in my bra, he wasn't going to go THERE.... so I have the picture.

I know, that's terrible but I have learned to save my camera from many things. And he isn't going to delete pictures on MY camera.

I seem to be unable to keep up with daily posting so I'm going for 5 a week? I do have a life (MOM) and many children so I am finding it impossible to get time to blog every day. Hopefully you can all cut me a break (mom) and I'll do my best to keep you up on everything.

One BIG thing we did want to share.....Not that is mattered to us at any point but we had DNA tests done and the 3 children ARE biological siblings. They share a bio mother and father without any doubt.

Here's why I share this. The boys had their physicals yesterday, Chloe went along for translation purposes. Now I LOVE the boys doctor and I'll tell you why. First he was really good about Chloe helping as best she could but if she didn't know something it was cool. They ended up with 3 shots once we were able to figure out what vaccines they had gotten and when.

Then the surprise came. He asked about their bio mother. They do not recall a father at all. None of them. But Chase obviously knows his bio mother the best as he is the oldest. Sooo... he asked how she was crippled. Honestly, it never occurred to me to ask this. To me, and them, she just WAS. BUT the doctor immediately realized that she could have something genetic that our children could be at risk for.
Wow... talk about mind blowing. So when we finally sorted out how, which ones, and when her limbs didn't function, he decided to do some blood work on the boys but our best guess is that she had polio or rheumatic fever, possibly cerebral palsy but most likely not a genetic issue.

Still, he will watch the kids for it and when he was asking how her limbs were and he told them he was "not making fun of her, he needed to know in case they had something." Since the twins were laughing and showing how her legs twisted. Chase was not looking amused at their antics and when we tried to figure out if bio mother ever walked and then got worse over time we learned Chase had carried her to the WC.
A 7 year old carrying his mother to the bathroom. WOW. You could see he was deeply bothered by the questioning and the doctor stopped and told me a few things more to try to learn as Chase is able to handle telling us.

After we left it clicked for Chloe. "You mean we could end up not able to walk?" I told her we were trying to figure that out since she was their mother and they were all 3 her children and if she had something she could have passed it down to them. She then said "I don't want to be like that, what happen to me?" I told her this "Chloe, no one WANTS to be like that. But if you or your brothers end up like that we will get you wheelchairs, we will take care of you, we are your family and that's how it is."
I also told her that the doctor didn't think they would end up like that, that it seemed she got that way from an illness from what they told us and she wouldn't have given them that illness. And I said "you know we could leave here and you end up unable to walk from an accident, we never know and we would take care of you." We went through the whole conversation again later- something we often do when something bugs her, she needs to hear it again.

Chance obviously "got it" too as he was saying "no, no not walk" and motioned that if he couldn't walk he would (GASP) cut his throat. I told him "NO, NO. Don't ever say that, you don't do that." I didn't flip out on him since I realize that's an answer to something like that in their home land. He has to learn that handicaps are not the end of the world, that many people live with a handicap and are wonderful, loving and loved people. That God made us all special.

I'm still chilled, it will come. They will learn how special they are to God and us.

After we went for Chinese lunch, since Chase was saying "eat, Chinese, please momma, wo ai ni, (I love you) momma, eat??" They got their fill and home we went.

I got some great pics of the kids in the yard and then the boys napped for quite a while. Must have been all that good food and whining over the shots and blood draw? Talk about M-A-L-E. The bigger of the 2 was the worse, it's sad when you teach then "gentle" as they are too rough then they use it to embarrass you by telling the nurses "gentle, GENTLE!" As if they were grinning and threatening them with the shots. The nurses WERE being gentle and treating them like babies. And they are yelling "gentle". TURDS.

BTW, I left the office after giving the secretary the thumbs up, I told her I have been English deprived too long and I was sorry, I meant, "yeah that's fine" not "thumbs up, what we use for 2 boys resistant to English learning. Ahhh.

I did have a good moment of laughter when the doctor was in the exam room for about 10 minutes and he looked at Chance and said "you thought about ADHD?" I told him "yeah, we were told the same about the girl twin there, when she first came home." So he asked me how long it took her to settle down and I told him ,"a year." It's not a true ADHD, it's - new environment, everything new, things to do, touch, see, touch, do, experience and it's overwhelming to them. They literally can't sit still, bounce off walls. It was just funny that it was exactly what she was like when she came home.

After the children were so well behaved they had to make sure I knew they were still MY kids and Chance decided to scare my dog with a Nerf gun, shooting it at him, he got out of hand so I took the gun, he then snuck it and went downstairs and shot Camden in the eye. Such is why we only allow NERF- foam darts- but they are not allowed to shoot at faces even with the NERF, so I pointed him right to his room and he pouted his way there. Ahhh, they joys of Chance.

Today my brave and wonderful niece came and took all their tushies to the pool. Speaking of, Chase claimed yesterday he was "bored" to which I replied "I was going to send his butt to school to learn English." Chloe told him what I said and he wanted to know "why just his butt?" He was asking so seriously too, I couldn't help but laugh.

Hey, the evil dog? Remember her? They are "giving it a go" and might just be keeping her. She is slowly warming up to them and I think if they give her time she will be fine. She has always been a nervous Nellie so we have our finger crossed, prayers going up and time to change our phone number (just kidding MOM)! We do want Lucy to have a good home where she is not tormented by children.

I'm free to do laundry and cleaning since no kids are here, oh joy. Speaking of, I better get to it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Got my groove back

I'm not Stella but I got my groove and my dog back. I'm back on track, feeling much better and I'll explain the dog in a bit.
Let's see what we have been doing... The kids have been acting totally normal. Bickering, playing, bickering some more, eating, eating, bickering. I know for a FACT that someone has prayed for me to have tolerance as I sat and tolerated Chloe and Chase "doing my hair." Now what they did to my hair was this awful 8 ponytails wild hairdo that they then braided, howled in laughter and insisted on taking pictures of me. I know they adore me (want to make me look even crazier than I am).

They wanted to know how my hair got so soft. Along with if I pull on my eyelashes to get them so long? Uhh, "don't know and NO."

We got Chance's Certificate of Citizenship today, Chase's is sure to follow:) WHOO HOOO. Although this does mean we will be looking at a trip to the Social Security Office to get SS cards. Anyone who has followed us since Kat's adoption will know this is a "for sure" adventure resulting in migraine for mother. Ahhh. Not looking forward to that. Maybe third time will be the charm, I'll try to have positive attitude going in:)

Chloe went to Hannah's yesterday to spend the night after getting her tooth fixed for the third time. Mr. Dentist man said this is it, no more fixing it, she will need a crown if it happens again. She chipped the piece they put on her tooth to fix the chip she had for many years, cracking open a sun flower seed in Ch*na. I didn't even think about her needing to be careful when they were eating them in the hotel but noticed later her tooth was busted again:(

She asked me on the way home why she had so much dental work, she didn't understand her roof of her mouth was infected to the bone from abscesses that started years ago when she was pushed down by another child at the orphanage and broke her 3 front teeth. I told her we did all that work to save her 3 front teeth so she wouldn't need fake teeth, she then asked if other people's teeth were used for false teeth:) "No." And the last question? How much it cost us to fix her teeth. Well, over $1500 total, no insurance coverage for it either. Her response. "Ohhh, my teeth thank you." Okay then. Your teeth are welcome:)
We've really had some interesting conversations, Miss Chloe and I lately. Besides her making me tea, a few times a day, and even bringing it to me.... yeahh, I know, she's sucking up, but it's cool.... she asked me about why "people" prefer sons in Ch*na. So we got into the whole, "needing a son to care for parents" and here we care for ourselves and love to have either boy or girl and how people were changing their thoughts to care about girls as well in Ch*na. That God made both boys and girls for a reason. They are equally important. She is concerned we have a larger ratio of boys here now, but I told her that her and Diva Kat wayyyyy= more than one girl each, they have enough spunk and girly going on to count for 3 each. So we aren't so uneven after all:)

Cam came down with some mysterious short illness yesterday, stomach pains and fever, I gave him fever reducer and he spent a few hours moaning as his maleness requires to make us all aware he did not feel well. Now he's back to normal. Trying to con a kitten into the household.

Which brings me to the dog. The one Son #2 "gifted" to the children at Thanksgiving for their "early" Christmas present. Hummm. Well. She's an evil little thing. Cute, no bigger than a shoe box. A Terrier mutt of some sort. And evil, I tell ya. She doesn't like anyone too much, other than Baba. She hates a leash, her name is Lucy but she only responds to "snack" to come back in the house. She is FINALLY housebroken after a longggg time and food rationing/timed WC breaks for her.

When we got her she cowered constantly. Like she had been beaten. Now I have never beaten her, felt like it, threatened to, said it's only 14 cents for a bullet (I don't own a gun MOM) because this dog is EVIL. She loves WOOD. She has chewed the corners off my big coffee table, all 14 knobs on both sides of same coffee table. All pencils in the whole house. I like to do puzzles and if I lay down my puzzle and pencil to go to the WC when I come back pencil is GONE, in kennel in tiny little pieces.

I have ran the sweeper from living room and gone to dining room, looked back and knobs off coffee table was shredded on living room floor I JUST SWEPT. EVIL, I tell you. She has started gnawing on the chairs in the dining room. I have had it.

SO we re homed her once. She bit 2 people and back she came. We re homed her with a nice little 'ol grandma and older son, thinking, no kids, she'll do okay. WELL... she's on her way back again. I think we might be stuck with the EVIL one, since she isn't DUMB so she has figured out to be nasty, come back here-- ahhh. I refuse to take her to the shelter since we will have to say she bites and they will put her down. I can't live with that. But what am I going to do with this EVIL dog? Named "Snack" since she won't respond to her real name? I think Son #2 has a birthday present coming his way- June 26th to be exact----Possibly a "snack" hah aha haha haha!

Not much else happening, we have Children's church tonight, I caught Chloe's scrap book up completely, just have Kat and Cam's to do and I will be done for now. Chase wanted to know why Chloe had 2 scrapbooks and he only had one---- ahhh, the jealousy, I heard the same thing from Chloe about Kat when she came home, you see. My wonderful, perfectly normal, fantastic kiddos. Always keeping tally for me. Aren't they just fabulous???

Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Day

Isn't it funny how in one day (or less) that God can send you someone to completely change your crappy attitude:)
Charli's mom, a XinYang momma herself, knows how stubborn our XinYang kiddos can be. So instead of reminding me of that which would not have made me feel better she comments "maybe they are acting like monkeys because they think they came from monkeys?" Uhhh. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. (We all know I have an issue in that area).
Totally what I needed. And an e-mail that said basically "chill" on the whole church thing (never any offense taken when you all tell me that) which I am sure is the right thing to do. Chill. They will get it when and where and how God plans. My concern will not change this. We want them to be kids, then we want them to get something as deep as Christ FAST? Uhh, duhh. Not going to happen.

See I do read comments and e-mails and always look for the message in them. I almost always need them. I rarely get offended. So don't worry about commenting and telling me to knock it off. If you don't my mother will for sure. (You know this is true MOM)

The kids are being, well, kids, today. Kat is tattling on Chance, Chance is complaining that Kat calls him "Lu Kai" and he wants to be called "Chance". Donovan went to watch trains go by (don't ask) after his 4th try to clean the bathroom since Sat night at 11:30 pm, when I woke him to tell him he never cleaned it after I told him Sat afternoon to clean it and made him go clean it right then. I KNOW (MOM) I am sooooo mean. I told him, he didn't do it, went to bed, I got him up. That's how it is. Bet he doesn't "forget" next time?

Cam is sizing up if he could possibly be un- grounded today:) Mal spent the night at the dorm for orientation. Dad is with her. Chase is very quiet. He is so well behaved I hate it when the twins get in trouble and he thinks he is included in the trouble. Not so. He could not be a more polite but caring son.
Dad and I were talking last night and we said it was so strange that we worried that Chase would be older and unwilling to listen to us, and it ends up being the other ones who give us the issues. Go figure.

Chloe is thrilled that I am now working on her scrapbook, I have Chase and Chance's done. They really like them too. Although we went through the whole "who is that on the first page?" An Asian doll baby??? Why? I have always started their books at their birth because someone looked forward to their birth and we are so thankful they were born. Then I move right into how we learned about them ( the boys) and our journey to them, any pics they brought with them and then our trip to them and home.

Chloe's book is wayyy behind, shame on ME--- I am working on last summer for her! So I will be busy today working like mad to get her caught up to the present. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a picture nut, but then I realize what joy their books bring and I take it back:)

Isn't it wonderful what a full night of sleep and a new day can bring us? I'm ready and up to their shenanigans, bring them on..............

We really are blessed and thankful even with the bumpy road, we just love these kids. Just love 'em:) Shenanigans and all.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Revelations

I asked for prayer from our church family. But heard this week somewhere "don't ask for patience as it brings trials to learn." OHHHH-- there's what I have been doing wrong!!! Asking for patience from the beginning of our adoption journey. WOW. YEARS Of this!!

I'm such a goober.

So I ask for tolerance. And I need it. I'm stumped. God is such a big part of my life, that it's hard to go to church and see the youth doing the Sunday worship opening-- the same group that is just fine to go camping with, to go Wed night to play with, but when the group does anything with the whole church, the one that that she is a PART of, Chloe backs out. She LIED to me, and said this was the Sunday evening group, like I didn't know better.

After I said "fine, no play today with Hannah if you chose to not behave now"--then Chance squirmed around like a 3 year old, and raised his hand at an inappropriate time, she laughed at him. Grrr.

So after service I split them and made Chance sit with me, through my Sunday school class. He kept saying "sorry momma" but it was too late for his little "sorry-do it again- routine." I was fed up.

We came home and I told Chloe if she was going to encourage negative behavior she could stay away from her brothers, to go to her own room. Then the minute she thought I was downstairs and not aware, they had snack upstairs and she was back in their room. Double GRRRRR.

Girlfriend is pushing and I am not going to be pushed. No way. No how. She'll have a miserable summer at the rate she is going.

I ask for tolerance, not just for the kids being home, but for wanting them to grasp our God and not believe in evolution. It pains me, yet it must be their own choice. And I do realize even if she is playing at church and loves to go that it's a wonderful start for her to grasp the meaning behind it. And Hannah is a wonderful example of a Christian tween for her. I realize God can be overwhelming to think of His greatness, His vastness, His WONDER, to many people, and they aren't language impaired children.

I so badly want them to have His joy, to understand the importance of Him in their story, their lives, their survival, their reunion, their family. Back to that "P" word again--

BTW, they did come home after camp out subdued, slept most of the day, we didn't have to go after anyone but they did have to be told to get out of the fire, stop adding wood to the fire, stop poking the fire, they are fascinated by fire. My cute little pyromaniacs:)

They apparently cooked a ton of mountain pies and marshmallows, not for themselves, but just to make them----so they had fun. They slept outside and are now covered in bug bites. They didn't want to (I figured Donovan encouraged this) sleep in the tent with Donovan.

One good note. Donovan is realizing with Mal graduating and going to college soon, he will be the oldest here, he will need to set the example for the kids. This also bring a ton of complaints from him, "they don't listen, they are awful, they do not listen, they misbehave, yadda, yadda, yadda." So tolerance for him as well. He also needs a big dose.

Cam has taken his grounding very well, and used it to be helpful and behave. So there's a good note. Kitty realized yesterday we are now in summer vacation and that means after Sunday there is no school for 2 months- "a very long time" and is now upset. She wanted to go right back so she would be a first grader:) That girl is so fickle. She couldn't wait to be done, and as soon as she starts back, you watch, she'll go a few days and then will have had "enough." Ahhh. DIVA- that's all I'm gonna say about her.

Dad took her on a fun bike ride yesterday as everyone else was grounded or sleeping, she had fun till she saw a snake then she was done. "Take me home" she ordered. She hates snakes. And it wasn't a little one either.

I didn't get to try the Vick's on my heels, interesting though, I'm going to use that when I get this again (not IF in this house!- It's WHEN) since my cough has now eased at night but is more during the day. And even then it's not much. So I weathered the storm of illness. Phewwww.

Maybe this week will be a better one. I know for certain that all of your support, your prayers, and knowing how much we love these kiddos no matter what- will help us weather whatever it takes to blend them in. That gives us strength, it gives us peace.

We are doing what God asked, and He didn't say every day would be a cake walk, so we continue to ask for His hand in this and that we always honor Him in our parenting of His blessings:)

And there's always a corner the kids can visit if they continue to chose to annoy mother:)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I made it to graduation:) It was outside at the football field so we could take the kids, not that they were thrilled. But I went prepared with game consoles and games to keep them busy. It worked really well, as the ceremony lasted for over 2 hours.

It was wonderful to see our girl graduate. We got pictures of all of us for the first time including the boys:) and Grandma (Baba's mom) is behind me. Chance is holding my hand with my purse slung over his shoulder. He doesn't let me carry anything myself. Not if he gets to it first:) We even kinda look like a normal bunch, huh?

Do you all recall the wonderful things I said about my kids yesterday? I take it all back. I think someone read that post and came in and switched out those wonderful children with little demon children that LOOK just like my kids overnight. Just for fun, you see. WHY do I think this??

I didn't have a good night, the coughing! Up, down, as soon as I got to sleep ,the coughing started. So this morning when 2 boys, named Chance and Cam came and dived on me as they were fighting over a DS game, I wished I had quicker reflexes and had knocked their heads together.

As soon as I took the game and ordered them off me and out of my room, I was able to drift back off for a mere 15 minutes only for Kat to come in and ask if she could eat a brownie for breakfast. AHHH! So up I was. Like a bear with a sore tushie.

I wrote out instructions for Chloe to translate. Such as-

Do not EVER wake up mama fighting over a game again. I got my morning tea while I promised myself I would find time to research places to live that children can go to school all year long with no summer breaks and how soon could we move the family there. Grrrrrrr.

It didn't get any better either. Kat tattled that Donovan was eating a brownie for lunch. Cam pulled a big dirty trick, he went upstairs, called a friend and then tried to tell me that the friend called and invited HIM over. I knew the phone didn't ring so I told him to bring me a phone and THEN he fessed up that he did the calling so he is now grounded from going anywhere.

He was really mad to find out that there was a church camp out and all the other kids were going tonight. Too bad. Shouldn't have ever lied to momma.

Speaking of the camping, I sent Chase, Chance, Chloe and Donovan. Oh my. Chloe was behaving very well, the boys were trying hard to follow the rules I set up for the summer-most of them were geared toward Chance. No dirty faces, at people, especially momma, no yelling at little sis, help little sis and don't call her a baby. She IS the baby here and we do not slap her or make fun of her!
A few more of my rules??
When going places and they revert back to misbehaving because we are not RIGHT THERE.... next time invitation comes, one, two or all three of them will stay home. Their behavior determines this.
Summer does not mean "eat all day non- stop."

I've had to crack down on them much sooner than we did with Chloe but they are our children and I am not going to let them get away with being horrible. They are language impaired, not learning impaired, they can understand what is acceptable behavior here and what will happen if they do choose to misbehave.

I figured we would have a call by now, we warned the turds if they misbehaved this evening we would be going to pick up the offenders, embarrass them for sure and bring their tushie/s HOME. Not a peep so far and since it's Sat. tomorrow and they are sure to stay up most of the night, I figure they will come home tired and subdued, can't believe I dare to say that!! But I do!

Maybe the demons will be gone and my children will return. It's going to take me some time to get used to them home all the time with no school, I told them today it was a "short trip" and Chloe said "for what?" And I told her "to drive momma CRAZY" as I made car noises. She looked at me like I was already there. Made me wonder, am I and I don't even know it?
Gotta share this too, when I didn't feel well yesterday I went to make soup and Chloe and Chance "took over" making it boiling hot, they pushed me down in a chair and served me then Chance was going to spoon feed me. I told them "no thanks, they could save it for when I am old and need my diapers changed." Chloe said "what that mean?" I told her when I get old I will act like a baby again, so she told Chance that, they got a great laugh and then she got really serious and said "I not changing you diaper."
Okay then, another one that I can rule out, so far #1 claims he'll take me but I think he might forget me in the back room of his apartment and I'll starve to death, #2 laughs when mention of me getting old and needing cared for, #3 runs when my age is mentioned, #4 rolls her eyes. I'm, not batting a thousand here, even with all these kids. Honestly I must be doing something WRONG.... very. very wrong.
It might go back to the paragraph about the craziness............do you hear that car motor rev???

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funny kids

My kids have to be about the funniest in the world. Have to be. Hands down.

Here's some examples- Miss Kitty- someone mentioned something about the floor, she proceeds to say "mom never cleans the floor." I told her I had swept and cleaned every day that week while she was at school. She looks at the floor, shrugs and says "it doesn't look that clean to me." (Gonna put her butt to work now that it's summer- scrubbing floors:)

Miss Kitty, aka love bug, went up to the greeters at church on Sunday, gave the wife a hug, of course she did, isn't that WHY they stand there? But then she hugged the hubby and turned to the wife and said "boy, he's a big one, isn't he?" Oh dear.

Chloe fought for her perch on my chair ( kicking off Chance) and when I told her I had watched the "Chinese Made Easy" on the cooking channel (super show, LOVE IT) I had figured out the "vinegar" the kids had been asking me to get them was RICE vinegar- should've KNOWN that. Anyway, I told her I could get everything to cook Chinese but I needed a WOK. Chloe's question? "Why do you need to take walk to cook?" Wellll..... the stress, you know:)

I made them beef in oyster sauce, mushrooms and spinach with garlic and chili peppers. What did they do? Covered it in KETCHUP! I couldn't believe it, all those lovely Chinese spices and flavors. And that was the Chinese born ones, the others ate it like it was and liked it.
All but Donovan, that is. Donovan hates anything I cook because I refuse to count spagettios as a major food group. Ugghhh, no way.

Chase came in from school yesterday, I looked up from under my blanket and coughed. He took one look at me and came over and kissed my cheek. Man I love that kid so much. Didn't say anything, just kiss, then off to get food.

Chance came running with tissues when he heard me sniffling, he wanted to make the tissue into a plug type thingy and shove it up my nose, I wasn't game on that. He beats on my back every time I cough, nothing lodging in MY lungs, no way. Might be black and blue but I won't have pneumonia, that's for sure. He checked out my feet, not sure what they have to do with me being sick, but he had to uncover them and they were froze, so he massaged them and then tucked me in with 4 blankets till I couldn't even move:)

I feel a smidgen better today, I'm going to graduation no matter what. I have to see my girl graduate. Mal gave me and dad a thank you card this morning on her last day of school so I started my day out crying. A hand print of hers, so big now, and telling us she is ready to fly now. Wow, it's hard to hear that. She's always been so responsible and serious, but also fun and so pretty. We are so proud of her.

Donovan barreled in the door saying "yeah, we get to spend the rest of the summer with mom." There's his sense of humor, not very funny.

Chance and Cam, I HAVE to tell you!! Without Chloe interference, they have been seen PLAYING together, Cam is helping Chance learn how to play his games on the Nintendo, they take turns, Cam teaches and they even ganged up on Miss Kitty, not allowed, but they were UNITED in their complaint against her:) My heart warms seeing them on the couch, heads pressed together one playing the game, the other watching and getting along:)

Chloe, on the other hand, has been doing much, much, better. She is using her Chinese to help the boys but not to hinder them, there has been much less yelling at each other. She even made flash cards for the boys and is working with them on simple words. We are very impressed with her.

Chloe asked for a bicycle, and as I was trying to figure out why she would ask for one and explaining they were in the garage, she pretended to lick her fingers and I realized she wanted a POPSICLE. Yeah, almost the same thing. NOT. Same sound, wrong word. She gives a little laugh and says "oh yeah, a popsicle, not a bicycle." That silly girl.

Let the summer fun begin. One good thing, summer flies by:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last day of school

Where in the world did time go? Tomorrow is less than a half day, they aren't even feeding the kids and they are done. Mal is graduating, she'll be off to college next. I can't believe it. She got a bunch of awards at the Awards Ceremony last night, including a few scholarships. That's a big help toward her college bill:)

I'm still not up to par. Far from it. I sound, well, manly. Yikes. When I have a voice, that is. I am wheezing when I do much of anything and sleep would be lovely if I could cease coughing as soon as I am prone. Today was perfect nap weather too, it rained ALL DAY. Hasn't stopped yet. Just like my cough:(

I have been working on the boys' scrapbooks catching up the pictures they brought with them and then our trip. I have Chase's done, Chance's started and the other kids to catch up as well. Not terribly exciting, but the boys just love their books like the girls do. It's fun to look through their pictures and see them growing, their hair and their personalities opening up.
My favorite page of their books the one of their reuniting with sister, I can still recall getting that first glimpse of them, saying "there they are!" and in the hotel lobby they came with the biggest smiles ever. They looked so incredibly happy, they couldn't stop smiling. It was all over their faces how thrilled they were that we had come back for them. Like a dream come true. I am sure they did not know it was for all of us, a dream come true. God's miracle.

Obviously I am feeling pretty crapping since Cam has been bugging me about his "Science Fair" project FOR NEXT YEAR, meaning he just wanted to PLAY and needed dry spaghetti and mini marshmallows. And I let them go to it. ALL of them. I didn't care, it was cheap and almost 2 hours of solid quiet.

Bliss for this sick momma:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer sickness

It started with Cam. Hacking up a lung (practically) all over the house. Soon dad was starting to hack, along with Kitty Kat. Then our niece, Debbie, then Mal, Chloe and now MOM has it. Yep, they've made me sick.

And it's never pretty when mom comes down sick. I feel like crap. I'm hitting the asthma meds as fast as possible, hoping to ward off a hospital stay. Let's hope it works. Cam woke us up Sat night at 5 am bawling something fierce, I recall bits of a dream I was having and was sound asleep then I heard sobbing and was totally confused. Nice ear ache to go with the cold. Ugghhhh. Gave him tylenol, hit him on the head with a hammer (no, not really, MOM) and he went back to sleep for awhile.

I don't know what happened yesterday with the kids, I went to lay down and nurse my oncoming cold, when Chase was on the computer, Chance was annoying him over and over, Chase started yelling at him in Chinese, of course, then Baba said Chase flew off the computer chair, jumped up on the couch and started kicking and hitting Chance. WOW. Baba flew into BOTH of them and yelled at them. So when I got up they were all laying quietly in bed looking like they were sick and I was thinking they had been like that? Uhh, no, they were in trouble and they knew it!

Chase came down later and had a nice bruise on his hand, swollen knuckles, but nothing broken. I had him put ice on it and told him "no, no and NO, we do not hit or kick anyone here for any reason." He was saying "sorry, sorry, sorry." Before I was even done talking. I can't say I have ever seen them do that to one another, they are rough with each other, they yell at each other, slap each other, but I don't know if just got out of hand or what?

I put a restriction on the kitchen again, they were cooking noodles constantly, adding eggs (used 4 DOZEN of those in 1 week) tofu, shrimp, you name it, in the noodles. WELLLL... Chloe let it slip that they don't really like noodles that much, they are just eating them because that's ALL that's here. Yeah, right. Hello, we have AMERICAN food here.

So I cooked spaghetti for lunch, I made rice, beef and yams for supper and told them snack time is Popsicle, popcorn, apple, NO COOKING noodles. I told them we ate Chinese on our trip, they can eat our food in America and I sang "Living in America" while doling out their food. They weren't thrilled but guess what?

They ate it. And they ate seconds. So they CAN eat other things and learn to like a few more American meals, to make it easier on all of us. I don't mind cooking noodles and rice and things I know they prefer over others more often, but they need to learn to eat regular meals and different things. BTW, I think Chance is growing taller already, possibly Chase too.

As far as the boys learning English, we were told they were in English classes. Sadly many of the schools that orphaned children are sent to are not top of the line schools. The schools do not want to take orphaned children as students and all 3 of ours had to go to different schools because one school would not take 2 of them. They are considered so "unlucky" parents do not want to send their children to school with an orphan:(

Since we were told Chloe was getting "English instruction" and she came to us with a vocabulary of about 10 English words, we didn't expect any more than that for the boys. And we were not disappointed:( They can count to about 4, they knew "hello, goodbye, no, and WC" ( does that count?) and that's IT. As well as their formal education lacking huge portions of whole subjects.

Math is universal, they are usually pretty good in math and they have no learning with calculators so they really KNOW how to work out the math. They are taught evolution, something we obviously do not believe in. They do not know a man walked on the moon. In many ways they will grow and learn like a toddler but it's very much fast forwarded for them, it happens in a matter of months. Other things, like spelling, word meanings, they take much longer to build.

As well as working on them with behaviors, they do not know how to act when they go places. In church we have a fellowship time before Sunday School classes, we have snack time, and Chloe had her brothers call people "pig". So I had to stop her and them and when we got home hold her accountable for her behavior. She said someone else said it first but I told her that didn't give her the right to have brothers say it without HER being accountable for it. That she can teach them good things and we can be proud of her or she can teach them bad things and she will be in trouble. HER CHOICE. She is behaving poorly often, falling back in the "we can do whatever we want" and being called on it because they CAN'T do whatever they want.

We also had to be prepared to hear her and brothers say they liked it better at the orphanage. Now we COULD say "WHAT- you horrible little heathen children!" But what they "liked" better was the freedom to go and do whatever, just be back by bedtime. Playing all day, no worries about baths, homework, mom and dad watching if you slap sis, etc. This does not mean they are not happy here, it means that they have to get used to having a family and realizing that means we care about them, about what they do, how they act, etc.

For children that are about 10 and 12 for maturity levels, this is not their idea of FUN, being allowed to do whatever is their idea of fun. So we can't take offense to them saying that and think "WELL- you ungrateful children, we'll just ship your butt on back there". Uhh, no. Not thinking that (not even for a second MOM) because we do not look at it as we SAVED these children. We brought them to our family to be a part of our family as God wished. They are a blessing. Even when they say things like that.

Are they aware of what could happen if we did not adopt them? Kinda of. I think they know girls that have been married off, I know they are aware that if they are not adopted by age 14 they can't be and that means they will be sent off at/around age 16 to the streets. But they also have that whole "it won't happen to me" idea that children possess, I would figure to be a coping method for seeing kids they care about "go". To never see them again.

I personally am glad they don't think they "owe us" for going back for them, they owe us to be children, to let down their guard and let us love them. And they are "owed" love, patience, understanding, security, food, clothes, an education, a decent home and the right to be children. With their siblings. And we are happy to give them that. But I share this because older child adoption is a different road, a wonderful one but it's can be very hard to know where your child is coming from or what to expect. I always would rather expect the worst, then get a pleasant surprise if it's better than we thought. Than to be slammed with "our child said they like the orphanage BETTER!! What? How could they? Do they even want to be here? "

So IF you are considering, going through, just got your older child, do not be discouraged by the negative, because I can tell you, I have no regrets. NONE. Even through the journey back to the boys, the rough patches with Chloe regressing, the tough time finding a middle ground for Cam and Chance. The crazy noodle eating, the funny things they say, the amazing sound of Mama, mama, mama, from them, it's priceless. My advice? You gotta have faith in God, priorities and a sense of humor, a big sense of humor.

I am thrilled to be the mother of many and to have been blessed by these kids.

I am going to ask for prayers for Sarah, Holly's little girl who has blessed her family, she reminds me so much of our Kat, she has been diagnosed with cancer in both her eyes and is already less one of her eyes. She may lose her sight completely. I KNOW God picked her family to get her through this, she most likely would not have gotten treatment had she not been adopted and instead she is in the loving arms of her family to fight this fight. God has not left you Sarah, He is right there, in the hug from your mommy and your daddy. Pray for Sarah, won't you please?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

How far can a diva jump?

That's the question of the day. Since we started our day bright and early at the kids last track meet. It was Family Day so any family members were allowed to participate in any event they wished.

Miss Kitty decided she wanted to try the long jump after much reassurance that she was allowed to, that she wasn't too small and she would be able to do it. Or so we thought. We did not factor in the Diva- ness of her.

She ran, she stopped. She looked, declared there could be crabs in that sand and she refused to jump. The staff assured her, no crabs in that sand. So she tried again. And she stopped. This time it was spiders. Had to be spiders in there, she SAW one.

So they "killed" the spider, threw it out and she went for the third time. She stopped, she made the most dainty jump ever seen and then declared she "did not really like sand in her shoes" so she was done. You gotta see the pictures, she was the riot of the day.

Not so funny was Chase who does not know the word "pace" and thought he would just keep up with the long- haired dude. Uhh, long hair dude is a regular runner..... so as Chase over did it in the horrible heat, he made it almost a mile and then nearly fainted. He had to lay down and have cold water poured on him. He was done.

Speaking of the long haired dude, there were actually 2 of them, brothers, and we told Chase they were boys. He kept asking "sons?" (meaning boys) and we said "yes and do you like their hair?" Teasing him. He didn't believe they were really boys till he followed one to the bathroom to see which door he went in, AND I pointed out their dad and said "that's their Baba, they are his SONS" and he told Chase, "yes, they are my sons."

It was so funny that he was so surprised to see 2 boys with such long hair:) And NO, he does not wish to have hair that long- phewww- momma is not into buzz cuts, but not really into hair that long either.

I had to laugh when a girl from Chase's grade had a shirt with signatures all over it, I pointed to it as she walked by and said to him "names, write name, Chase" and she turned to me and said "he doesn't understand you"- I smiled at her and said "yeah he does, I'm his mom." She thought I was just randomly trying to talk to him:) But it was nice that she was trying to protect him.

Chase had someone come up and ask about the Zip Lines on his shirt, I did have to tell the guy he doesn't speak much English and answer his questions about the Zip Lines. He laughed when I told him Chase has only been here 3 weeks from China and speaks Chinese, he said "wow and my Chinese is very poor, like none."

We were all wore out from the heat and sun, I have a pink nose:( My brown children are just a nice shade of brown, I am sooo jealous. We came home with an array of ribbons and had to cook some noodles, of course.

Someone e-mailed me and said the comments aren't working, to leave a comment that is, so leave one if you can so I can see if there is a problem. Otherwise I'll just figure I am boring you all to death and you don't want to tell me:)

It just can't be that, now can it??