Friday, December 17, 2010

Sugar and Spice

We went to see the teens play the starring roles in the Live Nativity, brrrr was it COLD. 20 degrees--- COLD. Freezing. COLD.

All of the kids did an amazing job. Betcha didn't have any idea Joseph was really Asian?? As well as an angel, and one of the shepherds? Yep, check 'em out:) Ha ha!

After the "show" we went inside for yummy cookies and warm cocoa. Miss Kitty was eating her cookies when I looked up and saw her lips covered in sugar.

It was so cute and since she is such a sweetie inside and out, I HAD to take a picture. Of course I did!

Camden was being ALL boy and trying to see how many cookies he could fit in his mouth at one time.

I spared you the picture of that and give you instead, one of his adorable smiles. He told me today he wishes it were December 24th tonight. Uhh, no- it's not.

Santa is not quite ready so he'll have to cut the big guy a break and wait a WHOLE week longer. Terrible, I know. Ahhh, the difficulty of waiting that whole 7 days till the big day is here. Camden is sure he can't possibly wait.
Santa KNOWS better:)

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