Friday, December 31, 2010

A Skatin' we go

Off we went rollerskating last night. A group outing with our church youth group. Pizza first, one ordered with sausage and NO cheese at all for our goofy kids who can't understand why we have pizza every time we have a group gathering:)

They got their bellies full then off we went in the 2 vans. I tried to get in the smaller van, I learned on Christmas caroling night that the big van was the "party van" and was to be avoided at all costs to my sanity.

Somehow even in the smaller van I ended up with 4 of my 6 with ME?? They were fairly tame until we were headed home when it was dark and Chloe got her hands on a camera so she proceeded to blind us all by snapping pictures then yelling at people because they couldn't keep their eyes open for her blinding flashes?? OIY, that girl.

We had a blast, it was Christian skate night so our group of 30 had the place pretty much to ourselves. Maybe 10 other people there. They played all Christian music.

I even strapped on skates, much to my children's amazement. Miss Kitty needed quite a bit of help. She was able to get regular skates for the first time, they had kiddie size 10 in them. Usually she is stuck with those terrible plastic ones.

She did say for the first time ever, her "special toe" hurt, at the end of the night. She has never had issue with any types of shoes but the skates do narrow toward the toes, so I guess this was the issue.

If you don't know us from her adoption she was Special Need because she has a larger than normal little toe on her left foot with 2 nails on that toe.
It's like an extra toe started to grow there but then stopped, not complete, so it blended into the toe there. It's VERY hard to even notice. We were a bit surprised this was considered a SN?? Her SN was us, we needed HER :)

Anyway, back to the skating, Chase must have fallen 20 or more times, he was having a blast and trying so hard, even with all the falls. Chance caught onto it right away and almost won the Limbo game even! He did really well. Chloe had been before and was fine. Camden as well,skated pretty good and Donovan, he fell but not too hard:)

On thing that always touches me is how courteous our children are. Chance went back and helped an older woman not with our group who fell down. He helped his twin up when she fell. Chase asked for his wallet, I asked if he wanted a drink, that I would get it. He refused to let me and went and bought 8 waters with his own money and handed them out to everyone around.

I don't know if Chance thought he was Casanova on the ride back to the church, he was having a good ol' time with Hannah beside him?? Little bit of a crush going on there, I believe. He thinks the sun rises and sets on Hannah. He knows we don't allow him to have a girlfriend, he's too young, so his puppy love is harmless at this point.

We got back to church, the kids all grabbed a slice of cold pizza for the ride home, and we all headed out. They were tired, sore, happy. They let me hug AND kiss all of them, so I knew they had a really good time:)

I just told Camden if he doesn't stop tattling he will grow a tail out of his butt (mom you started this by telling ME this as a kid so-- NO CALLS) and it was sooo funny when Chloe went to dad and said "you tell mom everything you grow tail out of your butt?"
Just another day in our nuthouse:)
Happy New Year to All. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings us!!

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