Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing Favorites?

A teacher of Chase's told me today that Chase said DAD is his favorite parent.

OHHH REALLY??????? Good thing I FEEL the LOVE or my feelings would be hurt.

Nope not me. Not a bit. WHY?? Because I LOVE seeing this precious child, son of ours, ENJOYING having a DAD. His very own dad.

He's such a joy, we are so thankful for him. Even if I'm NOT his most favorite, extra special, super bestest parent. I love him anyway. For sure:)


Holly said...

Well, I don't think it was very nice of the teacher to tell you he said it...but I know exactly what you mean about not feeling too bad about it. When my Jacob was little he told me he loved Daddy. I said, "Do you love Mommy too?" And he very innocently said, "No. I love Daddy!" And I was a little hurt, but not much because I was so happy that he loved his daddy. : ) (And I knew he really did love me too, just like Chase loves you.) : )

Lisa said...

Hilarious, Vickie! Lin told me the other night that, out of 100, she loves me 90 and she loves Dad 100. I have no doubt that her Dad is her favorite parent! Sometimes I am hurt by it but I just remind myself that she's got a DAD for the first time in her life, and who can blame her for loving every minute of it!

Heather said...

That's so funny. My kids will go the "political" route when asked to say who they like best. HOWEVER, I know it's their dad! They love that guy like crazy. And besides, he wrestles a lot better than I! LOL