Monday, December 13, 2010

Momma's Lesson

I don't ever doubt God hears me. And sometimes I think He feels I need a lesson. Last night I got one such lesson. After being totally annoyed by my children and wishing for a break from them, I got one.

One I'd rather not have had. 3 1/2 hours of wait and worry in the ER with Miss Kitty. She had not been herself since she was sick last Sunday but over the course of the day yesterday she really seemed to be hurting. Complaining her belly really hurt.

As a mother who is a nurse, I am not one to panic but sometimes I also know more than I wish I knew, because I was really getting worried she had appendicitis. The pain coming and going, low grade fever, ongoing nausea but no vomiting since last Sunday.

She was so brave, they stuck her for blood twice, did an x-ray, and she didn't cry at all. Matter of fact, she made the lab tech laugh, while she stuck her, Kat went over the list of her brothers (since it was longer) and when asked who else was from Ch*na she said "I don't remember."
That made me laugh too, since I knew what she meant, they are just brothers and sisters to her, it's not important to us where they came from.

The diagnosis? Bladder infection. Caught before it became a kidney infection, so that was good. Also good, just medicine for a week, no surgery, no shots in her belly (what she was worried about).
Surprising to me, was the belly pain, but I was told it's common with younger girls who get bladder infections. This was a first for Kat, and seems odd as she tends to drink a ton of water.

She stayed home today and rested, I was glad to see her eat better and she did not have one complaint about her belly hurting. I'm so relieved to see her return to her "old self." I just knew in my gut that something was really wrong with her and I'm glad I took her in when I did.

Makes me thankful for all of my annoying kiddos, that they are healthy and able to annoy me. Lesson learned. Never hurts for any of us to have a lesson and to grow in learning:) Even momma.


Holly said...

So glad it wasn't more serious. And I LOVE that little blouse she is wearing.: )

Adrian Roberta said...

Vicki, like Holly said, I'm glad it was caught before it became more serious. We'll be praying for Kitty though.....