Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas!

N0 record breaking this Christmas. It was 17 longggg minutes till they were done, and not because they had too much stuff (although we are hugely blessed) it was because Chance was checking out everything he got in minute detail:) Yeah, we time them, just for fun.
The boys started out a little overwhelmed. Not really sure what to do, what was expected. But they got it pretty quickly. I heard 2 exclaims of "this was the BEST Christmas ever" (Kat and Camden) and they all were busy quickly with all the new toys and gadgets. Kat got a DSI and won't even put it down to go to the bathroom!

I have to post some of the funnier pictures of surprised and happy faces. Overall Santa did a good job and we received the nicest card, along with 2 dimes, one for me, one for dad, from our children. We were told "it was all they had" now how cute is that??? It was my favorite "gift" since it was bought with tons of LOVE.

Gosh, we are so overwhelmed ourselves, to see these precious kids here with us, siblings forever, having their first Christmas and seeing what it means, yet again today, to be a part of a wonderful Christian celebration and a part of our F-A-M-I-L-Y.
We feel so blessed this year:) We had a huge lunch and Chance made a point to come and thank us for the FOOD, not all the gifts, the food we had for lunch. Makes us really appreciate all we do have, living with this "boy of wonder" who really enjoys so much that we take for granted having.
Dad has a BIG basketball hoop to assemble, yeah, Santa left the job for him and the kids are bugging him to get it together so they can shoot hoops:) We hope everyone else had a wonderful and blessed day.



Marie94 said...

Merry Christmas! What a blessed year for your family! Thanks for sharing the journey!
And Happy New Year!

Sherri said...

Merry Christmas!! what a blessing to have the joy of children.

Sam, got the same basketball hoop for Christmas - he's waiting for Dad to put it together.

Sue said...

I agree the card and also the priceless expections are the best. Merry Christmas to you.

Sue said...

I agree the card and also the priceless expections are the best. Merry Christmas to you.