Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Droppin" like flies

A bug and not the cuddly kind. Some type of germ started with Miss Kitty vomiting at church Sunday evening, heading on to me and Baba. As if we have TIME to be sick. Ick.

Sadly the bug has not chosen to hit the twins, sad because they are their perky, talkative selves and we are suffering headaches as well as nausea, so their usual excited, constant chatter has brought out evil thoughts. Like hoping they get the bug so we can talk non-stop to them and make them realize how horrible you feel and how annoying that is.

Knowing them, they'd just sleep it off, not paying a lick of attention to us anyway.

I've got their supper in the oven, I can hardly stand the smell, but they can't possibly go without eating because I have nausea, NO WAY.

I'm going back to bed. They can have it all. I'm sure they are THRILLED by that, more for them!


Nancy said...

The one good thing about this bug is that it hits quickly and doesn't last very long. Hope you feel better.

Family said...

Sorry you and others are sick in the house. It's especially rotten when the mom is sick! Get well soon!

Grandma Shelley said...

hope you all are feeling better!