Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy Busy

What a weekend! Friday night the kids were in the Live Nativity. Saturday morning they had Christmas program practice, then they made a ton of cookies. Saturday evening they were in the Live Nativity again.

This morning they did their Christmas program at church, which was very nice. They did a good job. It was really special to see the teens standing silently in front as a live Nativity as the pastor did his sermon.

Santa and his "helpers", one of whom happened to be our very own Donovan, visited this afternoon and handed out small treat bags to the kids.

This evening we went caroling to the shut-in folks and took them a plate of the cookies the kids had made for them. We had a wonderful time, it was funny when Chase said "they no good people, they not let us come in!" And we had to explain to him that we were there to sing, not to go in their homes to visit. The next few homes did invite us in, even though we were 30+ in numbers.

Miss Kitty, the forever love bug, wouldn't leave any house without hugging whomever we went to sing for. She was about froze by the time we were done, but she had a wonderful time.

As we all did. Tired, but happy, we are tonight. Hope everyone else had a good weekend as well.

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