Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It never ceases to make me smile to have any conversation with Chloe. Even if she makes me mad. Because she still has what we call "Chinglish" although she has less of an accent on her words now but she says things so differently than we would.

Such as, she wanted to go to Hannah's today. She asked me last night. I said "I'll think about it." She told me this morning "Mother, will you PLEASE stop thinking?" She meant she wanted the answer, but I couldn't help but smile.

Chloe also tells me everything needs to be "open" which means turned on. She "opens" the TV. She came over and playfully called me "white chick" and then said "what that means?" I told her it's not really nice, it's making fun of me being white, to which she immediately said she was sorry and kissed me.

She said she heard it on TV and didn't know what it meant. I told her it might be better if she doesn't repeat things she hears unless she is asking what they mean if she doesn't know. And she she shakes her head and says "oh, that's good idea mother, how you get so smart?" Another smile, couldn't help it:)

We got busy today and cleared away the Christmas stuff inside. The tree is down. I love, love, love, how fast everything goes when we all work together. It was an HOUR, that's it!

All gone, away, sweeper run, dusting done. They are amazing helpers. They got all the boxes down, I unpacked, they packed in the Christmas stuff and back up to the attic (or garlic as Chloe calls it) and was gone. Phewww.

Chance is acting up today. He is angry he did not get to go to Hannah's. I told him he had to be nice to his siblings and behave. So far he has accused Camden of touching something of his, even when I told him he can't accuse people if he didn't SEE them do it. He is refusing to share anything with Camden, so I refused to share my games with him. And I told him why.

He is also having issues with understanding everything is not for him to touch. He has poor understanding of boundaries. I really can't stand taking him in a store, because he touches everything. When he was sitting at my desk on my computer last night, I pointed out to him it was~ 1. my computer 2. he didn't ask to touch it.

Every day we grow and we learn, each of us. Today was huge to show us all that we are a great team, we get a ton done together. And we might, just might get the sharing lesson in yet today, or maybe not. Either way we keep at it.

And laugh as we do 'cause we just can't help it. Like just now when I went to tell Chase "I needed to hug him" and he bit my arm coming around to him. I squealed (he didn't bite hard) and said "you BIT ME!" He was laughing by then and saying "you said eat my beef, so I bite you." I don't know how he got that out of what I said but I think he might just be messin' with his mama's head a little:)

Oh, BTW, we gave out gift tins this Christmas from our family, filled with nuts, of course. Sharing the wealth, from our nutty family to others- ha ha!

As they say, if the shoe fits----


Alyssa said...

My son "opens the lights" instead of turning them on :)

Holly said...

Always an adventure at your house! : )

Nancy said...

So glad to hear the sweet things about Chloe. She does sound like a challenge, though.