Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Concert

The twins had a Christmas Concert tonight, they are in the chorus. So after we chased Chase out of the bathroom, I got to curl Chloe's thick hair, which is virtually impossible to get more than a little curl at the ends. Then Chance had to make sure HE was beautiful, as he said I was"so very nice" when I told him he was not allowed to leave home till he is 26:)

Then he figured out that he could be on his own at 18 legally, so I was being "too bossy" to keep him till he is 26. He's so fun, I love messing with him.

We get into some really odd conversations as you can tell. He was telling me I couldn't tell him who he could "love with his heart," to which I just laughed at him.

Chloe keeps describing everything as flavored, if something isn't flashy enough it "has no flavor". Not enough Christmas lights on a house, "no flavor." Not sure where she got that from. But we get the drift.

I finally, finally heard back through the local Representative's office that we have a Certificate of Citizenship coming our way, but only after we drive over 2 hours away to have him take an oath later this month.

WELL.....I happen to know that they are in error, he was a citizen the minute we touched down in the USA, wayyyyyy back in MAY! So another 2 phone calls, an e-mail and we are awaiting the answer as to why they are saying he needs to take an oath when he, in fact, does NOT. Just send the stupid paper already, will ya?

Pretty soon I will be hitting the same amount of time and effort on trying to get this one paper than I did on his whole adoption! Okay, maybe that's exaggerating just a little, but geeeeshhh.

I posted pictures of the Concert kiddos, I took pics while they were singing, as well as after, they were NOT thrilled (can you SEE how Miss Chloe shows her displeasure) that we refused the offer to stay and listen to the 7th and 8th grade band.

We had already endured the 6 th grade band playing the worst and slowest version of Feliz Navidad I have ever heard. It's supposed to be a happy song, upbeat, it was making me want to cry.

We declined being tortured, oops, I mean staying longer and headed out. Miss Kitty is better, but is still not completely up to par yet. She missed school again yesterday after going Tuesday, she had another set back. Not sure why.

Uh, BTW, that Chloe, well, she didn't like the WHOLE gang being on our Christmas card, talk about being a SNOT, she had to have me order cards for HER, with just HER on them. I didn't have enough of my cards to give her the 8 or so she wanted to send to certain people, so I ordered her 10 of her OWN cards. I'm betting the people who are graced with these cards are going to think- "wow, there's Chloe, but where are the rest of her family?" I just bet so.

I DID get a big "thank you mother" and a KISS for ordering the cards, might just have been worth the aggravation the boys are sure to give me:) I can just hear them as soon as they see HER cards, I swear they have "Mother, me wan one" down pat.

I can't even pretend I don't know what they are saying, not that I would EVER do that. Of course I wouldn't. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Camden has been very funny lately, he informs me one minute he does not believe in Santa anymore since " no one in fourth grade does." Then he asks, "do you think Santa has everything wrapped yet?" Wouldn't he like to know. I've heard Santa and his elves have been busy and that's ALL I'm gonna say about that.

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Chad and Kristy said...

You are so funny! I love that sassy picture of Chloe... she is going to look back at that one day and laugh:) Sorry Kitty is feeling bad. Dylan is almost over it but had to go pick Colin up from school yesterday and it hit Chad and Bethany last night. I got NO sleep! Some how I have managed to avoid it so far (please skip me, please skip me.. pregnancy is bad enough!). Hugs!