Sunday, December 5, 2010

Child- like

As many of you know, Chase is the "oldest" of the sibling group we adopted, but not the oldest of their new family. As the oldest of the threesome, he had taken on responsibilities in the past that many adults would cringe at doing, even though he was a child of 7 or eight years old.

So when he came here I expected him to be the serious soul he is. At least most of the time. He has a surprisingly funny and silly side to him that I can rarely catch in photos.

Partly because it's usually very impromptu, and the camera is not handy, as well as him disliking his smile-- saying he has "no eyes" when he smiles.

I don't care if he has "no eyes," I think he has a smile that lights up his whole face. It's beautiful to see.
He was bringing another load of laundry up to our room and he dumped it out in a big pile. I teased him that it wasn't folded and was he "slacking?" So he decided to REALLY slack and laid down in our bed and pretended to sleep. Funny guy.

I figured it was fair game that his eyes were shut and I happen to know he is quite ticklish in certain places:) So I got and I got him GOOD.

I love times like this with him, seeing him laugh and have a good time, carrying on with us, just as a typical teen. I affectionately call him my "sonshine" and sing along to the "You are my Sunshine" song-- to which he says "I not you sonshine.- you stop sing." But he knows he IS:)

Not so funny was church today and the kids deciding to act like they were 5 year olds instead of teens, they were swapping seats, talking during prayer, goofing off, turning pages in their bibles LOUDLY and repeatedly. I was ready to bonk them a good one, I had to move between them and then we were heading home, they had planned to have chicken ( sadly to them- sans the HEAD or FEET) and potatoes. They wanted to make it.

I am fresh out of potatoes and oil so I was going to have to go to the store but when we headed out from church I informed them that children who do not behave in church do not get taken to the store to buy anything, they were getting spaghetti for lunch. They HATE spaghetti. And I told them, "Maybe you'll behave in church next time?"

I did make one concession for them, sausage in the sauce. They DO like that. (Hey it's MEAT, of course they like it)

Speaking of meat, they traded names in their Sunday School class. I hope all the parents of the kids that got our three's names KNOW our kids. They were to put down suggestions of what they wanted with a $10 limit. What did our 3 put?? Chicken PATTIES. Spicy, chicken patties. OIY!

IF they hadn't gained 13, 10 and 20 lbs since coming home I would be terribly embarrassed that they asked for FOOD, as if we don't feed them. BUT, as it is, the rest of us might not get food, but trust me, THEY DO. And lots of it:)

Just another Sunday gone by, only 20 days till that big day, I'm thankful to say Chase and Chance don't really understand the whole Santa thing, they seem to be getting "God." We are cool with that.

Jesus is the reason for the Season, without a doubt!

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oh yeah food!!! w/ meat? better yet!