Monday, December 27, 2010

Chicken Patties

Our children had their Sunday School Christmas party yesterday right after church service. And the 3 of them had filled out cards giving "ideas" as to what they wanted. They asked for spicy CHICKEN PATTIES. I knew people would think they were nuts, but that's really what they wanted. So we have now had chicken patties for lunch and supper. OIY. I hope they have gotten their fill.

Chloe, Chance, and Chase went to the party at their Sunday school teachers' house, Pat and her hubby "Boon." Now affectionately known as "Chicken PATty, and Chicken BONe. Yep, and their teachers find them amusing, they don't even mind the nicknames our kids have now branded them with.

Names are very hard for our kids to grasp. They can't seem to remember them, even if they are easy to pronounce. Such as PAT. So they make up a nickname, usually one related to FOOD, and they can remember that! Like "Chicken Patty."

I can't say enough how we have been blessed to have a wonderful church family. We have a small congregation, about 125 people, but they really are like family. They prayed and joined in as we followed the journey to our children. With amazement and joy, they celebrated our children's arrival with us.

And their support, their love, their prayers, have not ended. In fact, they have increased as we wade the new waters of blending the family. They have blessed us with total acceptance of our children, no matter their inability to speak English, their goofing off:)

Our kids have become comfortable within this family as they learn about our God and why we celebrate Him. It's been fun to watch them bond with others, their own age and all ages. They hand out bulletins each week, even though we aren't signed up to do it:) Just so they can see everyone and give the people they like, nicknames. We have Toad (Todd) Rose (Russ) Michael (Mike) Car-wash (Carla) if you get the drift. No one is safe from them:)

They enjoy church so much, when I told them the candlelight service was on Christmas Eve, Chase woke us up at 8 am, he was fully dressed, shoes on. READY. To go to church. I had to break it to him, church was in the EVENING, not the typical Sunday 9 am morning service.

Not many dull days around here, as you might guess:) The kids are playing with their Christmas loot and not fighting MUCH. A nice vacation so far, if I dare to write that!

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Heather said...

The nickname thing is really funny!