Friday, December 3, 2010

Chance's challenge

I had conferences for the kids. Thankfully the ESL teacher was able to combine Chloe, Chase and Chance's into one, or I would have been running all over the place for 6 kids!

Camden is doing super. He is a solid, advanced reader. He is very popular with the other kids, very flexible with different personalities of other kids, very caring.

Kat is doing very well. Her teacher said she is advanced in reading, as well as math. The teacher said Kat is one of those students she will "never forget" in her career. That she is loving and kind to everyone as well as adorable.

Donovan made the honor roll, I STILL think it's a typo, since he typically does the least amount of work possible to pass. Matter of fact, if he spent as much time doing his work as he does figuring out how to get OUT of doing as much as possible, he'd be a straight "A" student. He's really something:)

Chloe is doing fantastic. She is incredibly bright, she is highly motivated to learn. She is being graded and is on the honor roll again this year, even though we are doing a pass/fail with her. She is so annoyingly committed to her homework, annoying because she will come home and want to do it immediately, and if I can't help her with whatever she gets irked at me.

She's just wants to learn soooo bad.

Chase's report was good as well. The ESL teacher said she actually saw the "light go on" the day he got it. That it just clicked for him and his English has taken off from there. He, as well, is very bright and motivated to learn, although he does NOT want to do homework if at all possible.

Chance. Well, totally different story for him. Not a surprise for me. We suspected something was not right when he could not use the dictionary we had in Ch*na. He would take it to Chase or Chloe. And it's in both languages. I wondered then if he was not able to read Ch*nese and why.

Turns out I was right, sadly, he cannot read or write much Ch*nese at all. He defers to the sibs to do it for him. So when he started working on English, I was expecting him not to catch on. I know he is bright, his social English came about quicker than Chase's. But he has some type of learning disability, I think it may be dyslexia. But he is being tested to see what the issue is.

He was soooo nervous about the conference. He kept saying "I in trouble, oh no." So when the teacher confirmed he is struggling big time, it's just not happening for him, I knew it was important for him to not be discouraged.

So when I came home I asked him " you doing your work, working hard?" He said "yes, Mother." I told him "I know and I am proud of you, you are doing your best." You should have seen his face. He isn't speechless often, but he was. He really expected me to be mad at him. But I thought, why would I be mad that he has a harder time learning? It's not his fault, and if we blame him and make him feel bad, what has that helped?

I did tell him I knew he has a harder time learning, not that he is not smart, he just needs to learn differently than Chloe or Chase and he may have to work harder than them to learn, but we will get him the help he needs.

He was so relieved. You could just see it.

His testing will be done soon, the school is using a Ch*nese speaking person to help them test him and figure out exactly what he will need.

In the meantime he is happy to go to school, he hasn't been discouraged and he remains our funny guy, always laughing, always singing. Just a sweet soul who needs teaching, but also loving guidance that we are thankful to be able to give him.

It's also deeply important to us to be supportive of him since he has told us stories of how he was treated at his school in Ch*na, he was in a different school than Chloe and Chase and he was picked on terribly. Hit, denied lunch, made fun of, and this done by teacher and classmates alike!
I can only thank God that this wonderful boy is here now, where he is liked in school, he is cherished at home. Where he can look to the future and know he will be only going forward, never, ever, back to that. Chance is named appropriately, he is getting the chance to do anything and everything with his life. Learning disability or not.

Now he's our SON and we sure do love him-- as is:)


Sue said...

Every child has a giftness and Chance may not have it in school wise, but in his own way he has a great gift and you all know what it is. Him knowing that you will support him even though he is struggling in school, will tell him how gifted he is.

Nancy said...

Chance is also blessed to have you as his mother. It sounds like you have an awesome school with awesome teachers which is also a blessing.

Learning Together at Home said...

I'm so thankful that Chance has YOU! You have given him a huge gift in your attitude. We have two children with dyslexia (2 different forms) and both are our only biologically realted to me kids. :) I am dyslexic as well. If there is ever any way that I can offer help, let me know. So glad to hear that the school is getting on it though. That is very encouraging and not always the case unfortunately. Blessings!