Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip to the ER anyone?

Guess who? Chase. Why, you ask? Wellll....... he was angry yesterday when my niece wanted to talk to me about something, and she told all the kids to go upstairs. They are the nosiest bunch of kids, they think they need to be involved in EVERYTHING.

So when he ignored her and I told him he HAD to listen to her, he got mad. He decided to stay mad, refusing to apologize to her or me, since he was being rude to me by not listening. So when he clung to that anger today and didn't eat breakfast, didn't like school lunch, came home and went to his room, then when I called him down to talk to him, he just stood there. Looking like he was totally ignoring me.

Next thing I know he weaved backwards, and down he went. Out cold. Hit the trunk we use for a coffee table with his head. I got him to come around (I am a nurse) and checked him out, got some juice in him, then iced his head. He seemed okay, he ate, got some pain reliever but when he started to complain of nausea I thought it best to have him checked out at the ER. By the time the doctor came in to see him he was laughing and having a grand time with Chloe making fun of him for wearing a "dress."

I "could" have been embarrassed that my kid had such a miraculous recovery but that's always how it goes, and I figured if it annoyed him to wear a "dress" and have to wait 2 hours to be seen, he might not do this again.

He did confirm he was angry about being told to go to his room, that he hadn't done anything wrong:) So I had Chloe explain to him that sometimes adults need to talk about things and he needed to go to his room so we could talk. He tried to argue that he wouldn't have understood but I told him I didn't want him to hear something, think he knew what we were talking about and be worried, then come to find out he didn't really understand what was said. It was just easier for him to go to his room while we talked.

Chloe had to be assured her brother was NOT going to die, she was very concerned about that, but she was at ease with him being checked out and was joking with him so I know she trusted me to get him the care he needed.

It's funny how they are getting it more and more that we are the parents and we can be trusted. We will take care of them. That we can even be joked with, Chloe was wanting gum and she was teasing me something awful. Saying "oh you bad mother, you won't give me gum." And just silly stuff. Then she would check and say "you not mad are you, I love you mother." Chase was just laughing at her antics during our long wait.

I told Chase now I have to bug him to make sure he has eaten, so more bugging from mother coming his way. So sorry, but he asked for it. I'm very thankful he really is okay as well, it's never fun to see one of your kids to go down like that in front of you. Took some years off my life, that's for sure.


Sue said...

I glad to hear the Chase is doing ok now. Sometimes you think they should understand what you are asking them to do and forget that they are learning things still...

Holly said...

So glad he is okay! Little heart attack on the mom's part!