Tuesday, November 23, 2010


What does that mean? Really. Yeah, thankful.

Growing up to me, it was a given. We are thankful, yadda, yadda. Of COURSE, we had a thanksgiving meal. With all the trimmings. Never really thought otherwise.

But to become the momma of many, some of whom have suffered from deep hunger, it's really eye opening to see our new son light up at the sight of the Thanksgiving turkey in the freezer. Eyes HUGE, thanking me for getting it. How humbling is that?

He was even showing it off when we had company over this past week. And we all laughed, but for him this is BIG.

When I visited the children's orphanage, I saw a baby that was 10 months old and 10 pounds! I could see the care of the children was not lacking but obviously the food supply was short. And that equates out to the older children doing without since they can go the longest without food and still survive. Hard reality, huh? But true. So for our kids, having food all the time, not going hungry now is amazing.

So for this I am deeply thankful God has provided for them now, for us to give them the simple joy of a bird in the freezer they can be proud to show off. And I am thankful God gave me the eye opening experiences He has in my life. So I see more than just me, my little world.

That there is so much more out there and I have so much more to give than just bringing up a few spoiled, self centered children such as I was. (Yes, mom, I am admitting it in writing, right here!)

I'm also deeply thankful for answers to prayer. Remember when I posted about "The children of my heart" here?

Children I care deeply about, what happens to them, if they will get adopted, special ones of my heart.

WELLLLLL------- I have news that 2 of these precious children are/have been adopted. One of the boys from the teens orphanage was adopted to Spain. He has a family. YIPEEE! One of the little SB babies, he's getting adopted:) WHOOO HOOOO! Answers to many prayers for these children from their "foster momma- aka- ME".

I still have 2 girls on my heart, as well as 2 young boys, and that's okay, God can give me more as He takes care of placing the ones that were in my heart. I accept the burden to care. I love them from afar. I pray for them, think of them and will do anything possible to help them, within God's wishes for us.

I don't ever want to NOT CARE. I don't. I don't ever want to chicken out and say "it's too much for me to handle, I am just one person, one mother, too busy, have enough."

Just as I never want to go back to assuming we will have turkey and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving without a second thought. Or without a prayer of thanks.

I'll be thanking God this year for our food, for answers for 2 of His children, as well as prayers of safekeeping and love for the current children of my heart, as well as the precious children at my table.

We are truly and deeply blessed and I am so
thankful we are not taking that for granted and that I got to share the simple joy over having a turkey to cook via our wonderful new son:)

And I gotta say- older child adoption- tough, different, but so, so, SO worth it. These children bring so much to our lives, so much WE needed. I think I was the special need in all this, 'cause they are PERFECT. (Shhh, just don't tell them, okay? We don't need their heads to swell or anything- they shouldn't be the only ones who can keep people guessing:) Ha ha ha.


Kim said...

The boys would have gotten a hoot out of the size of two of the birds at our local market. I kid you not - there was one that was 38 pounds and one that was 40 pounds. Probably weighted more than Kat! We got tickled at them because they would have fed a small army - only if the army had a oven large enough for them to fit into and bake!

Chris said...

I will need to go out and get a turkey....the meat providers at our T-giving meals either de-bone before the big meal or are doing ham this year....no huge turkey on the table....

Chris said...

I'll not soon forget my 10 y.o's eyes when he first laid eyes on our big freezer...this boy wasn't hungry all the time, but I think food was never far from his mind