Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November lessons

I'm pretty sure we are holding the record for smooth days, although I am half scared to even write that:) Could you give up some prayers for a family we know is struggling, not quite there yet, that they have the strength they need for their new ones PLEASE! They are at one of the roughest patches. I'm thinking of them often.

Our kiddos all started karate last night, Tae Kwon Do, to be correct. The teens had a blast, they weren't quite as fit as they thought doing the stretches. But they caught on quickly. Kat had the hardest time, the girl is a lover, not a fighter and she looked absolutely mortified when a girl who was about 12 told her to "throw a punch at her face."

She very timidly threw that punch, it was sooo funny. I can see how it will be something that can greatly help all the kids with their balance, control and self defense, something that would ease this momma's mind to know her kids can hold their own against someone BAD.

And it's a cool activity in place of the beloved basketball, of which Chloe is not wanting to do now after all. Remember her throwing in brothers' faces that she was getting to do it and not them?? Yeah, well, 2 practices later and she's done. TURD.

Something I found interesting about the kids-- we started karate because a friend of mine goes with her 3 foster kids. Her kids were fascinated with our kids, as they were the only other "younger" ones in the class.

So as they rode home foster mom was telling them how blessed they were to not have endured what our children have, being in an orphanage, hoping to get a family, giving up their language, culture, everything to come here and learn to be a part of a family with people they don't even know at first. That they still have a mom they can call on the phone anytime and aunts, uncles, comfort foods, smells, etc.

So guess what the conversation was on the way home in OUR van? How sad it was that those kids had to be in foster care, since they have parents! Yep, our kids feeling bad for the foster kids. They don't understand why kids here are in foster care as long as they have living, known parents. It's inconceivable that being neglected or abused causes children here to be taken from their parents. Isn't it amazing how children see things?

Besides hoping we get a few black belted kiddos, we are trying to teach the teens a few things, even Chloe still needs quite a bit of help at times with social issues, how to be polite, what is rude, etc. There's just one thing I can't seem to get them to stop doing, all 3 of them. And it's GROSS. They call every bit of gunk that comes from your ears, eyes, nose, POOP.

What that means is I take them to the store and they say very loudly, "Mother, my ears, full of POOP," as they are trying to tell me we need Q-T*ps. OIY. Talk about embarrassing. They have NO love of our Q-T*ps either, they think they are the wimpiest things they have ever seen. They dearly want an ear spoon, yep, a tiny little metal spoon thing that they use to scoop out their poop, uhh, I mean wax.

Another lovely embarrassing moment was with Chance sitting in church, as a song winds down he comes off with "Mother. POOP." And he's pointing at ME. He meant I have eyeliner in the corner of my eye! But wow, what do you think everyone around me thought?

I never dreamed I'd rather hear booger, snot, eye gunk, dirty dog, anything besides "Mother, POOP." And they never fail to add "mother" in front of it so it sounds as if it's MY issue.

In other news, a change is coming--- wait.....wait.... wait for it, WAIT FOR IT..............


Dawn said...

"Mother..." well, yes isn't it your problem? Sooo funny... WAIT a minute? YOU said Wait? Well, that is not gonna be easy...

waiting.. for it...darn it.

Sue said...

You sure know how to keep people on their toes both POOP way and Just a Minute way....

Holly said...

Oh, that is just too funny! Love it. ; )

Corlia said...

No...nooo.... tel us!

The kids are so funny, Chance reminds me of my nephew, I call him my Monkey King.

Lara said...

LOL! Vickie, thank you for sharing daily life. As I sit having momentary panic attacks as we wait for our TA to bring home our latest addition and wonder what challenges are ahead and if we are out of our minds, it helps to laugh a little and know that I'm not alone.

Suzanne said...

Oh mercy, your posts make me giggle and brighten my day! Thanks for keeping it real.


Heather said...

I like the blog design!

Adrian Roberta said...

Vicki.......you do realize your *arming* them with Karate now (-:

!!! kidding', we do the same with DS#2 and it's been such a great help for him.

Waiting for the next post!