Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just 42 days till.......

Yesterday was FUN, the kids were off and out came the Christmas stuff. Yep, it's all up. The kids were enjoying getting the ornaments all on the tree, although Chance was having issues putting 4 things on one branch but none in other spots. The boys like all the lights and the angel on top.

I was thrilled about the fact that they helped and we were done in half a day. I downsized our stuff about 2 years ago since it was becoming a burden to decorate and that's not what I want Christmas to be. Now it's just as pretty and enjoyable.
It's also huge when it comes to taking it all down. Not a horrible dreaded thing. Makes a HUGE difference in keeping the stress of Christmas at bay and we have a ton of kids to be contemplating some of their requests which is enough of a stress:)

After the fun of yesterday, 3 of the kids went to friends' houses to stay the night. Chance went for the first time ever, but he was with Chloe. He went to play with Fox, Chloe with Hannah. We were down to the dull roar of just 3 kiddos, then Dad took 2 of the 3 remaining ones with him to grandma's to clean out her gutters.

It was so QUIET here--WOW. Just me and Donovan. It was downright weird. I got soooo much done! Laundry, cleaning, little things I have been wanting to get to, like gluing the horn on a goat statue (don't ask, sometimes it's just better not to know).
Most of all I enjoyed the quiet. I don't get it very often, don't really want to have it often, since my brain is wired for quiet=trouble, a frequent problem for mothers of many:)

Chase is fine, no further problems, he is very happy and back to his usual self with misunderstanding of him "being in trouble/not being in trouble" cleared up.

Ohh, I wanted to share that our Orphan Sunday video has touched many, I have been asked to speak at another church about adoption using the video. While I am not a public speaker I wanted to say "no, sorry" but for God's purpose I will do it. Anyone wanting to use the video or link your blog to it, feel free to do so. I have no problem with that.

My funny of the day- Chase overheard telling Kat who was being a STINKER, "Kat, listen to mother, mother mad, we SAD, mother happy, we all happy." Me thinks some body's LEARNING:)

School pictures for Chase, Chloe and Chance, I told them all to "SMILE." See what I get? That Chase! At least he's handsome, even if he does look angry. Don't the twins just glow? They are so happy, at least today they are:) We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Ahh, the joy of raising teenagers. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can say one thing--I'm NEVER bored.

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Holly said...

Beautiful pictures...even Chase! ; ) And I think it is great that you will be speaking up for adoption. Who better to do it? God will give you what to say. No worries. : )