Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Orphan Sunday!

Did you KNOW it's Orphan Sunday? We need to care, God calls us to. But what does that MEAN? What if we don't have any ideas HOW to help the orphans in ANY country.

You know what? ASK God, He will lead you, that's for sure! We showed a video today chronicling our adoption journey at church today. Chase broke down crying, even though he had seen the video at home. It was a good cry, cleansing for him. He's such a sensitive soul:)
We then asked for shoe box size containers to be purchased, filled and we are trying to send one for EACH OLDER CHILD at the teens orphanage. (Most kiddos at Kat's orphanage are in foster care and we pay for sponsorship of one of those children.)

Warm socks. A hat. A little snack. But more than that. A way to say "someone cared enough about YOU to do this. You are NOT forgotten. Don't give up HOPE."

I know it means a ton to the children there, as well as our children who love these kids left behind. Children who MATTER. They have faces, names, needs, fears, and tears. I can't imagine NOT having our kiddos from Ch*na. God matched them as a perfect fit in our family. As much as they drive us nuts, it amazes me how much they fit in our nutty family as cherished (nut) members.

We had 42 cards with "boy or girl" and their age. WELL.... can I just tell you that our small sized church of 125 or so people TOOK EVERY SINGLE CARD WE HAD! And wanted MORE! Isn't God's workers AWESOME?

If each church in the U.S. took an orphanage to "adopt" the children there, hummmmm.......I'm thinking we'd probably be able to cover the WORLD. ALL the orphanages in the world with SOMEONE who cares. WOW.

To add to my joy today, our son, Chance, when the sermon was over and the pastor asked anyone who needed to know God, to ask Him into their heart- Chance did it. He went up and with the pastor's wife's help, he asked God into his heart. I cried, and I cried, more than I have ever cried in church. We were also surprised with a quilt presented to our family, that a church member made, with hearts for each of our family members, their name and date of birth, as well as each of our "Gotcha" dates. It was just an amazing day.

As our church leader said today, we often can't wait 7 minutes, 7 days, 7 months let alone 7 YEARS for God to answer our prayers, yet our children sat at an orphanage for 7 and 8 YEARS wanting to have a family. Yearned for it. And I KNOW even if they didn't know God, HE knew them, He heard their pleas, understood their pain. And He answered.

Orphan Sunday--- we all have to care, as long as 1 orphan exists. Right now the count is somewhere between 143-147 MILLION orphans. And God cares, about every single one.

We are soooo thankful to say today that 4 less children are orphans no longer, they are our sons and daughters. Children we love so deeply and are proud to have them carry our name. Chase, Chloe, Chance and Kat, the children God planned for us to parent.

Do you hear God asking you if you want a very special blessing?


Joy said...

Praise God! The angels are having a party today. I spent yesterday at the Mid-Atlanic Orphan Summit in Hershey, PA which was a very heartbreaking but spiritually uplifting time. Your special news just added to the greatness of the weekend.

You probably already thought of this, but have you had the opportunity to show the Jesus film (in Mandarin) to your children?

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe you only got ONE comment on this awesome post!! Praise the LORD for the wonderful news about Chance!!!! And what a great orphan Sunday!! I wish our church would get involved!