Sunday, November 21, 2010

Handsome Alert

Much to my delight, I was able to find for a reasonable price ($10 each) dress shirts and ties for the 3 youngest boys. Burgundy shirts that go with their hair and skin. Not easy with a pale redhead and olive skinned black haired boys:)

Donovan is not willing to join the fun (aka dress alike for mother's pleasure of seeing all her handsome sons look good ONCE A YEAR) and since he is in men's sizes I could not get him a shirt to match:(

But the other boys look so good in their new duds. Each boy has a different tie. Cool looking. And the boys actually liked getting all slicked up.

I decided to go the "matching" route when Chloe's Christmas dress arrived and I looked at it. Thinking, hummm, that looks an awful lot like someone else's dress I bought on clearance, last year. Mainly Kat's:) I thought Chloe would be mad, ya never know with her. But it wasn't as if she could blame ME, she picked her dress on her own.

Usually since we have so many kids, I'm just happy they are clean to go to church. I don't allow bones and skulls on shirts, but neither have I forced the boys to wear the "eish" clothes they so quickly dumped in the attic (unknown to me) when they first came home. You know, the twill pants, the polo type shirts. They were a no-go.

But at the holidays they need one really slick outfit for all the parties, concerts, programs. And when I brought home the shirts they wanted the pants. So I made Chase go get the stuff in the attic and we found him pants.
Camden and Chance had some as well and our only other issue was shoes. Chance pouted most of the day even when assured his shoes (which he called old man shoes) were JUST for church on the holiday. That's it. And look how good he looks. He was happy he looked so sharp.

They wanted to know if I could drum up a wedding for them to attend since they looked so good? Uh, nope, don't know anyone getting hitched just right now, sorry.

Now I'm off to cut Camden's shaggy hair, then they will have to dress up again for me to get my Christmas card pictures. Won't they be thrilled to hear that??

The teens, in the meantime, are working and reworking those Christmas lists. It's become quite a serious thing. One (Chance) is missing his right now, and it's MAJOR.

I am just overjoyed that a certain someone (Chase) who has consistently said- "no, no ask for anything, too much money" is finding his inner child and as I type is working with sis to make his wish list:)

The little joys, mean as much as the big ones sometimes. And this is GOOD:)


Nancy said...

It certainly is a handsome alert. The boys look absolutely adorable...and the girls...that goes without saying. You have a very handsome family, Vickie.

Sue said...

They all look great in their fancy clothes. Can't wait until I see the christmas picture.

Holly said...

Oh, so handsome and beautiful!

Sherri said...

WOW!! they all look great. The boys are handsome and the girls are just beautiful. I love their dresses.
Can't wait to see that Christmas photo.

Heather said...

So handsome! I love Chase's smile in the pic with the boys! Cute