Monday, November 15, 2010


The boys are learning they can have a say in their hair styles. And they discuss it nearly every day. Chase says " hair too big, need hair cut- ah, cut- ah." Chance says "hair too long, need hair cut-ah, cut-ah."

Yet, when I got on line and looked up some pictures of Asian hair styles they both picked longer styles. Meaning longer than their hair NOW.

So I said "Fine, we'll let your hair grow and then shape it once it's long enough." So why do they pester me every day to get their hair "cut-ah?" Because they think their hair will be magically transformed and when it isn't it will be "MY FAULT."

I'm not falling for that one. BTDT and know BETTER. So they are denied hair cut-ah's till they grow some more hair. In the meantime Chance is looking cute in his shaggy hair, kinda like a teen rock star, since he sings all the time, that's what he reminds me of.

2 of the older boys got in trouble today, biggest of all got an earful from his momma, you are never too old for momma to whip you into shape. Mine all know that. Donovan was the other one, he refused to listen to a teacher and shut up. No surprise there, and he has 3 detentions. His 3rd ones of this year- sighhhhh.

I told the principal, if it made the teacher feel any better, he doesn't shut up when I tell him to either. He ALWAYS thinks his way was right, no matter what the issue and will argue with you till he is in so deep and he is still going on strong. OIY.

Miss Kitty asked me if I would buy her a shirt that said "DRAMA QUEEN." I was a little surprised since she doesn't LIKE anyone calling her that, but she said "I am one and I saw a girl with a shirt with that on it at school." So she was miffed the girl had a shirt with HER title. Ohhhh, I see. Don't you?

Chloe is making her Christmas list and checking it twice, Chance is close behind her. He is fascinated with the thought he can ask for more than one thing for Christmas. Which he keeps calling Trick or Treat. He's behind a month! Christmas is hard for him to say, I think that's part of it.

Many friends and family are annoyed with me, that my Christmas stuff is up already, but HEY- we have 2 boys here that have many years to make up for no Christmases. I want them to enjoy the anticipation as much as possible, to see each little thing we do to prepare as a joy of being a child of God within our family.
We explain Christmas to them like this, Jesus loves them so much he lets THEM get gifts for His birthday. Making it about Jesus, not about Santa.

We got Chloe's Christmas dress online tonight, that has been a nightmare. She is SOOO picky and everything I thought was nice she said "No flavor." AKA not flashy enough. OIY. She ended up with one that is red, black and white, very pretty and I am so glad that search is over. She was driving me nuts trying to find the PERFECT dress, as if Christmas was tomorrow.

Oh, and another issue, the CAT- she won't leave the tree alone. The first night it was up she climbed the whole way to the TOP. Nearly took the whole thing down. She's been seen chewing on the light bulbs. I don't know what to do to discourage her from the fun of the lights, the balls, the blinking ANGEL on top. Now the tree is crooked and sad looking:( Rotten feline.

I guess that's what I get for having my Christmas decorating done already, huh?

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Holly said...

Oh boy, I don't look forward to the teen hair style conversations. I think Chance's hair looks super cute! (but don't tell him I said that, it might not be cool to have "super cute" hair.) : )