Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Great Cause

Well?? What do you think? Like the CHANGE? Yep, it's a bloggy makeover and for the best reason of all--- fundraising families that are going back to Ch*na for their kiddos. Boys, girls, older, younger, SN, We Christian people gotta band together and get them all adopted. Into families.

If just 6% of all Christians adopted an orphan THERE WOULD BE NO MORE. Staggering, isn't it. Do you know the suicide rate of teens, young adults in Ch*na? Those who age out.... with no family? Where do you think they end up? It's not pretty, and this is just talking about Ch*na, what about Africa, Haiti, sooo many orphans.
So for the wonderful people adopting, Mandi has started doing bloggy makeovers with FULL profits going straight to adopting families. Can't beat that, can ya? You get a cool new look AND all your $$ is going to help kiddos come home. WOW. Click on the button at the top right "Forever Blessings Designs" and check it out. I picked "Loving Life" for our new look:)

We got our look just in time for Orphan Awareness Sunday, does your church recognize this Sunday? We are doing a very special project for our church, it will be something that is ongoing. I'll share it on Sunday. Gonna make you wait again for that one, sorry you impatient ones:)

Uhh, remember that last post that I said things were going smoothly for the longest time ever- well, scratch that. Chance, this time. Mad at me for telling him he could NOT boss the littles, or be mean to them. He was told to knock it off, came downstairs and started calling them names, so I told him to go to his room. He told me "NO."

Uhh, wrong answer. Since I couldn't pick him up and take him I called Donovan down (didn't want Chase involved) and amazingly he allowed Donovan to pick him up like a baby and carry him to his room, I doubt he would have done that if it was me, but he didn't fight Donovan at all.

I then told him no TV, he was in trouble. SO later when I went back up to check on him he was watching TV. Ohhhh, the red hair flared--- I unplugged the TV and told him if he did it again I'd take it out of the room. He's not going to win this one.

I could say I'm terribly upset with him but I'm not really. You know why? Well... of the 3 teens, I'd say he has blended in the easiest. (After that initial hard time with Camden) I mean you can just SEE how happy he is to have a family that loves him, he sings all the time, he smiles all the time. He is a joy-filled child. But under that is a child who still has the same pain and hurts as the other 2 and has to figure out how to handle it. So blowing up at the little things is not even the issue and I know this.

Our children have made so many changes over the 6 months since we met them-- yep, today is the 6 month mark. They are such incredible children, to have walked away from all they knew and trust us to take them in and give them a good life. I am in awe of their spirit and their ability to love us. Uh, just don't be asking Chance just how much he loves mother today, okay?

I'll give Chance time to stew- he sits in his room to do that-- then when he decides to apologize we will sit down and talk. To find out what is really behind his upset. He'll still be grounded for a week, because I love him enough to set limits and not back down on them. And being mean to anyone is unacceptable, not listening to mom is unacceptable.

I did have to laugh when Chloe came and told me "sorry." I asked her for what and she said she didn't know. I told her she could not apologize for her twin and she hadn't done anything wrong. I wonder if he put her up to that to try to avoid apologizing, I bet he did since she doesn't like apologizing any more than he does:)

6 months since we watched them walk in that hotel lobby with a sense of total amazement that they were really coming home. Both of them, our 2 new sons, both smiling and eager to come. It was a sight I will never forget. Yet, to look at them today, I love them more, deeper, as I grow to know them as my sons, as the special young men they are.

We are blessed to have found out about them, to have managed to get approval for both of them, to have brought both of them home, but most of all, to share our lives with them. As well as all of our children.

Even if one is being a TURD. I love him. I'm happy to be his momma. I am so glad we were chosen to parent him and his sibs. I hope more and more people see how wonderful and worthy the older orphans are to adopt. Be well prepared, have good support in place, and most of all have FAITH, if God calls you to adopt an older child. He does not make mistakes:)

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Mandi said...

Thanks for the shout our Vickie. Hopefully lots of bloggers will be needing a change for the holidays. What a better way to spend your money than know that 100% goes back to adoptive families.