Friday, November 19, 2010

Full Belly Friday

It's not often a mother of many gets a call asking if someone can come cook for us. And I am never dumb enough to turn that offer down:) Two of our college student guys-- Frank from Ch*na and Hector from Costa Rica, came over and we shared a Ch*nese meal. I love, love, love when they cook, all except the clean up:)

The kids had a blast helping out but I think they used every pot, pan and spoon we own. But Chloe, you are reading this RIGHT, Chloe dried the dishes while I washed and we made fast work of all those piles of dishes. Chase tried to convince me to let them till tomorrow and he would do them, uhhh, NO. We got them done.

It was fun to share a meal with our two young friends, to talk about the changing seasons, the upcoming holidays. Everyone is looking forward to Christmas. The guys have plans for Thanksgiving, but they will be here for Christmas which will be really neat, it will be Frank's first Christmas as well as Chance and Chase's.

I'll leave you with a picture of the rice monster, Camden, I think he talked more than he ever has at a meal, might have been since the teens were so busy stuffing themselves we hardly heard a peep from them.
They all went to bed happy and with full bellies this night:)

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