Thursday, November 25, 2010


Food. Plentiful. Turkey. First time for the boys to eat turkey. We ATE. Till we couldn't hardly move. 13 people with full bellies. AHHHH.

Everyone had their favorites~

Turkey - dad.

Turkey neck- Chloe. (OIY)

Mashed potatoes-Jay.

Sweet potatoes-ME.

Corn- Kat.

Gravy- Donovan.

Applesauce- Derrik.

Cranberry sauce- Camden.

Pumpkin pie- Mal.

Homemade bread- grandma.

Noodles- Chase.

All of it- Chance:)

Our "Ch*nese" flare to holiday meals- shrimp.

A Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Blessed to have it all, on our table, now in our bellies. MMMMMMmmmmm. Everyone made it except Brandon. We missed him:(

Wonderful to pray and give thanks to God for the 2 new sons at our table this year. We think it was a hit with them:)

As for the insane shopping of the a.m.? Nope, not for me. We are doing our run at midnight tonight to get what we want, mainly just for pj's, otherwise I have shopped online with free shipping and have most all of the loot bought, much to my relief.

Lest you feel I am outdoing you, I have NOTHING wrapped. Not one thing.

Make ya feel better?


Sherri said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chad and Kristy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Vickie! Have you heard are Thanksgiving blessing?!?!?! We have baby number 4 on the way.... due July 2011:)

Adrian Roberta said...

Vicki, I'm so with you with the online shopping. Those crazy crowds are for the 'birds' LOL