Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Nighter

Not us, old folks, mind you. The younger bunch, Donovan, Chase, Chloe and Chance decorated the church, then headed out to go glow bowling. After that they went to Walm*rt for a scavenger hunt, then back to the church for movies, shooting some pool and more fun designed to keep them awake all night.

Apparently Chase fell asleep on top of the pool table for 1/2 hr?? Wow, can't imagine that was comfortable. Chance also slept some, Chloe and Donovan, not at all. So today they are crashed, out cold, worn out.

It's really quiet. All but the 2 littles, who could care less that people are trying to sleep. They are not lacking in sleep.
So how did our shopping go? Well.... lots of people seemed to have the same idea:( Be there at midnight? Yeah. But we did get one big thing we wanted, a family gift. Otherwise a few little things, hardly worth the crowd to get, but we are pretty much done. At least for all the kiddos. Now to get some wrapping done:)

I'm glad we online shopped for much of it, decreasing the impulse buys, the overspending, as well as being able to see reviews on most everything we wanted to purchase. Free shipping and I can highly recommend this method of shopping.

Otherwise, I am enjoying the quiet, Dad is off to visit Grandma with the littles and I am going to scrapbook. I got 3 of the kids books caught up after ordering 513 pictures! Chase has a second book now, as well as Chance is getting his second when I get to updating his.

Some times when I am deep into the 3rd or 4th kid's book I wonder why do I do this? But when their eyes light up after they see what new pages they have gotten, it makes it all worthwhile.

So I'm off to scrapbook my heart out:)

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Dawn said...

Oh, Wow, I am soooo far behind on scrap booking and I will not tell you have far either... blessings to a great mom! ;-)