Friday, October 29, 2010

Spit Happens?

Ya think? Spit? I mean really, I have kids ages 7 and up now. (Not counting that little guy who drools buckets a day) Well, apparently it DOES happen. First it was Chance. Lest anyone think things are going"too" super around here, let me tell ya, life is NEVER without quirks. Big and small.

Life would be pretty boring without them, and Chance is never one I would apply the word "boring" to. No way. He was goofing off as he is prone to do. (I know you can't imagine such a thing, that cute little Chance?)

Anyway, he was telling me something when he spit on me. I wiped the side of my face and said "hey, don't spit on me!" He must have heard "hey, cool try that again." Because that's what he did, only this time, on purpose. My responding "Chance, knock it off!" MUST have been insufficient (I'll work on that) because he then did it AGAIN.

By this point I was HOT, you know the steam coming off the red hair, HOT. Never good to get momma there. I upped the tone and said "Chance don't EVER do that to me again." By this time he "got it" and he got mad at me for being mad at him! I know he thought he was just being funny but he crossed the line of funny into "too much" which he tends to do. So momma helped him learn a boundary.

He remained mad at me for being mad at him, for most of the evening, even though he had a blast at the Treat Party at church.

He made sure to look at me with an angry face a few times over the course of the evening to try to get the maximum effect. Too bad he didn't faze me at all. I won't back down when it comes to SPIT.

I think Miss Kitty "might" just be a little bit like her momma. I HEARD through the grapevine that someone spit on her on the bus while talking to her, a boy who really likes her.

He was very upset that she got angry and tried to apologize to her and this is what she said--- "that's not really doing it for me today." OIY. She had the poor boy in TEARS over her refusal to accept his deepest apologies. I am requesting the forgiveness of her future husband right here, right now.

Other than spit happening, we had the most fabulous time at church, the kids had a ball dressing up 3 of the men like scarecrows, Chloe was working so intently on "her" model, it was so funny. Poor guy got red face paint I am pretty sure he went to work with a pink face the next day since the kids got some on them and couldn't get it completely off.

Mike is a youth leader in our church and for all his wackiness, our kids just love him. He has made the most inroads with Chloe becoming more comfortable around men than anyone except Baba.

I couldn't believe how much candy they had for the kids, we had about 25 kids total and as usual when we walked in they were sighing with relief, that we had come and we bring so many kids in one scoop:) Always nice to have our BIG family appreciated:)

The kids did crafts, had a short lesson on respecting God while everyone else is celebrating "Halloween." They all dressed up, Chloe was the worst when it came to the costume part, she didn't want to dress up but decided she could put wings on and be a lady bug if her BFF could.

I had to assure Chase I was NOT putting him in a dress, he had a cloak, like the robes the Wise Men wore. And the witch hat was not supposed to be a part of his outfit but he was wearing it most of the night. Kat was Tigger, Camden a Ninja, Chance, Superman.

Just some all around fun for all.

Jaxon aka the Monkey-on-my-back, ha ha, even made an appearance with his momma. He enjoyed all the noise and kids. He dressed as a monkey and looked adorable. He's starting to really smile a ton now and even chuckle when very happy. I haven't heard anything beyond "gooo" that I could claim was him saying "Na na" yet. But he'll get there.

So that was our Treat Night, we were able to let the boys enjoy acting like kids, dressing up silly, and having an over all good time.

Today Chase and Chance are headed to the Elementary School in the afternoon, the kids get to wear costumes and walk around the playground in parade fashion, so they will get to see their sibs and have fun seeing all the costumes.

Chloe on the other hand has turned GREEN lately, and I don't mean she is recycling. She is very jealous, she wants to know why the boys are getting to do such fun things in school when all she gets to do is "writing." NOT her favorite thing to do.

The ESL teacher last year retired rather than put in another year with Chloe, as well as she didn't really make learning FUN for Chloe as they didn't get along well. Thanking God again for her BFF Hannah and family, who DID make things fun for her and helped/continues to help her.

This is a new ESL teacher, ready and happy to make learning for the boys fun, and she works with Chloe as well but Chloe is further along and doesn't need the breaks that the boys do. I explained to her AGAIN, that she has been here longer, her English is better and that's just how it is.

I also told her I could go out and buy size 10 boys pants for everyone in the family but that wouldn't work very well to clothe all of us, and it's the same with schooling, privileges, homework assignments, etc. Things have to be specialized for each person.
Her response?? "Well, I'll just forget my English so I can get to do the fun things." Hummm, wonder how she'll accomplish that? She makes me laugh, that's for sure.

At least when she made her educational complaints she didn't SPIT them at me. There's always that.

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