Saturday, October 16, 2010


We went off to our friends home tonight, for a campfire cookout. Brrrr was it ever C-H-I-L-L-Y! Great weather to snuggle close by a fire, cook a few dogs, or chicken patties if you have kids like mine, that refuse to eat hot dogs:) Do a few s'mores and just chat.

Of course, if you know our kids we expect SOMETHING to go wrong, like Chance catching himself on fire, but this time it was Chase, who was playing that darn BASKETBALL and didn't he twist his ankle?

Now, if you know anything about former orphans, one thing we noticed right away is that they are incredibly clumsy. Not sure WHY that is, but seen it with all 4 of ours. The other thing was when they realized we CARE when they are hurting they end up crying about the smallest little boo boo.

Just today I heard about his mouth, an ulcer from eating spicy food, as well as a shoulder, not sure about that one, unless he slept on it wrong. Then the ankle, which it is slightly swollen, so I am sure it is hurting. I sent him to bed with it propped up after he iced it down. We'll see how it looks in the morning, but for now he is limping heavily and very unhappy. See what that BASKETBALL does??

Even with the injury we managed to have a good time, we sent him inside with Miss Kitty who is never warm enough no matter how many layers the girl has on, and it's not even winter here yet! OIY.

We had a good time, relaxed and were able to enjoy our supper and the evening. We managed to get a picture before injury since we have Post Placement reports coming due soon and they require pics WITH parents, unusual for us to have anyone to take pictures of all of us.

I can't figure out what Chase is doing with his hair and neither dad nor I like it, I tried to tell him in my not-so-subtle-way "I don't like your hair, fix it." (yes, MOM, I recall you saying I'd be paid back some day for my behavior and this is payback time- glad you lived to see it as you claimed you wouldn't survive raising me)

I should know better than to do that since I am the mother of so many teens who will spite me just for fun. Chase pouted, of course he did, and got his way. Chance keeps asking for a mohawk to which I will not agree to at all. His hair is getting long and he actually combed it back and it looked good on him. Always has to be one of them making me wonder how did they look in the mirror and think that looks GOOD??

Donovan missed out on our evening of fun, he was helping the fire company with a dinner, he enjoys going and helping in the kitchen. I don't quite understand it since he won't venture in MY kitchen for anything but to stand with the fridge door open complaining there is "nothing here to eat." Go figure on that one.

I should mention we left when Camden was reduced to tears by Chance, he bumped into a candle holder and it fell, did not break, but Chance lit into him like Chase does to HIM. So we will be having a talk tomorrow about how we treat little brothers, that Chase's example is NOT the route we want Chance to go toward Camden. I talked with Camden before he fell asleep, explaining Chance doesn't KNOW how to be a big brother, we have to teach him the right way. I could see he understood but he was still hurt to be yelled at like that. GENTLE our teens are NOT. In soooo many ways:(

Tomorrow is Kat and Mal's birthday party, I made Kat's cake today and at Mal's request, pumpkin pie:)


Heather said...

I've been following your blog a while and comment here and there. Another fellow blogger could use your encouragement as she just brought home 2 older kiddos. Please check out They haven't been home very long at all. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

saVi said...

I think that's hilarious about the hair. I like Chase's hair. It's more toned down than the sticking-straight-up-thing, and while both look good on him, the way in the picture (if that's what you're talking about) looks better. I'm not sure what style differences there are between down south where I live and where you live, but the second is more like what I see a my high school. Love Chance's hair, too. Lol :)