Saturday, October 2, 2010

Picture Day

Picture Day for Camden and Kat yesterday . I had to laugh when Kat was "practicing her smile" and was doing it so seriously. She really wanted to get it perfect. She picked a pretty dress to wear, she wanted to wear a silk Ch*nese dress, but sadly with the recent "picking" incident I didn't want her to.

On one hand I thought she should be allowed to wear whatever she wants, but on the other hand, I did not want her to stand out as different if she is already being made fun of.

So I promised her a photo shoot with a silk dress done by ME. She loved that idea and all was well. We'll probably do that tomorrow since Dad and I--- gasp, you are reading this correctly--- went ALONE shopping today.

We have Malaree and Kat's birthdays coming up, as well as Kat's 4 year Adoption anniversary. October is a BIG month around here. So we went alone. The kids were shocked we were going alone.

Chloe was telling the brothers we had done this twice before (I believe that was Christmas shopping if I recall right) since she had come home and they decided it was a "date" and they were laughing like crazy that dad and I went on a date. I told them if it was a date I was sadly lacking since I didn't get even one little kiss, and I knew this was NOT our first "date." So he kissed me and all we heard was "eisshh."

We headed off to get Miss Kitty's list filled, she was making her wish list last night, then she told me she would give it to me on her birthday. I told her it wasn't Christmas and I would have to see the list BEFORE then to know what to buy her:)

Her list was this-

A Sponge Bob cake
Sume menin's (some M&M's) She pronounces this like Nem-in-nems
A DS Game
A DS cais (case)
A mevey (movie)
A Colr book (color book)
A book
Sume Makgrs (some markers)
Muney (Money)
A dress
On the back of the paper said "The End"

Isn't she just too precious?

Now don't be telling her but she got most of the requested items. She's not as expensive as those older ones, so it wasn't as hard to get her what she wants.

I can tell you Chance watched very closely how she writes and when doing her reading homework every night and he just shakes his head. Like he's saying "how does she do that?" You can see how hard he thinks it is.

For now my day off yesterday as well as my "date" with dad has given me a "second wind" with handling the kiddos. And yes, we brought each one of them something back, Kat got her Nem-in- nems, Camden candy and a big thing of beef sticks for the teens.

Maybe now they will decide dad and I "dating" more often than once or twice a YEAR is acceptable??

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