Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It truly still amazes me to think the boys have only been here 5 months and everything is so "new" to them. Even a simple parade we have attended for years, brings them such fun and amazement. They were so excited they could hardly wait for 7 pm to arrive.

Chance cracked us up as he said "hello, hi, hi there" to everyone. He decided that, along with standing next to his cute little sis, Kat, would insure him the maximum amount of candy thrown in his direction. He, unlike Chloe and Chase, likes candy. He's like his momma:)

Chase has taken up this habit, I think (gasp) it's to get out of getting kissed by his momma. He throws me a kiss when he wants something or does something and I thank him and he tells me "one thousand." Or one million if he is REALLY happy:) He told me last night, one "billsand." Chloe corrected him and said "that's not English!!" But I told her I knew what he meant, more than a million but not a billion:)

Chance asked me in the store yesterday, could we get beef pork? I explained to him beef/ cow, pork/pig. No such thing as a beef pork, at least, not yet. He still marvels over all the choices at the meat department.

Chloe has some kind of chicken issue, she loves chicken, but really can't understand why we eat "chicken butt" but will not cook the head or feet? She then told me she didn't like a certain picture of herself, because she looked like she had "chicken eyes?"

When I take pictures of Chase and tell him to smile now, I get this. You know what he calls it? His American smile. Funny, funny guy.

I couldn't get very good pictures with the bright lights someone spotlighted into the street across from where we stood to see the parade but you get the drift. Happy kids, enjoying the fun. Chase and Camden even paired up and shared a bag, since Chase doesn't care for candy Camden made out pretty well and it was great to see them do something together. No fighting, dirty looks, nastiness.

Tonight is trick or treat, actually we do treat night at church, so they get to dress up and have fun but still honor our God. I'm excited for them to go and enjoy their first Halloween. I'll try to get some good pictures of them in their costumes.

Good news from their school today as well, they finally figured out that since the ESL teacher went from 4 students last year to 20 this year, the boys being the "neediest" that they needed another plan of action. So a retired English teacher was hired to help the boys.

And they are doing much better with this set up. As well as they are making every effort to speak English here at home and we are seeing huge leaps in their ability to communicate. I'm so happy for them. It only can get better:)

Well they all just piled in from school and need homework help, so off I go to help 'em. Chloe is writing a scary story and wrote the character had a "mop" to get to the time machine to get out of the jungle. Oops, I think she means MAP. Good thing she asked for help, not sure a mop is going to get her character very far:)


Family said...

I love your kids just from reading what you are great are all blessed to have each other...can't wait for Titus to be home so we can share stories

Sue said...

Great kids and you are a great mom....I thank you from the bottom of my heart....(when you read my blog which I will post tonight you will understand). It is nice when our newly teenage child experience something new that their younger siblings have learned to enjoy so much