Thursday, October 14, 2010


Not me, surprisingly. The BOYS, are mad. At ME. And I don't care if they are. Okay, so maybe I do care a little. I don't like them mad at me. But they did it. Not me.

They don't bring home homework, but they can bring home an application to play basketball. Well, seems to me you really gotta understand what the coach is telling you, in ENGLISH and I don't think the boys have good enough English for that, nor do I think their evening time should be taken up playing basketball when they need homework time.

Chloe was less than helpful, she was so kind to point out that I am allowing HER to do basketball, to which I pointed out she always does her homework and has been home longer, having better English. She never seems to know when to zip her lip, shut up, be quiet, whatever you want to call it. She goes on to rub in that her English was better by the time she went to school than the boys' is now. Grrrr.

So the boys are angry with me and I am not too thrilled with them trying to get out of doing their homework. It's not like we aren't willing to help them, we do a ton of homework help every single evening.

I have decided to compromise, since I really am not totally MEAN- I offered the boys the option of doing karate which they expressed an interest in and we can get a family rate for classes up to 3 times a week, but only IF they start bringing home and doing their homework. I think karate would be super for them to do.

Chase was not willing to even talk to me last night, Chance told me he was mad, but that was about how long he stayed mad:) He can't stay angry long. They both are talking to me tonight, even if it was only to yell "Mother SEE, basketball!!" which was on a TV news show:)

The kids all just all started yelling, scared me half to death, and here's why. That gorgeous rainbow. Pretty huh? Chloe commented they never got to see a rainbow in Ch*na, sadly smog didn't give them a clear sky often.
So glad they get to see such wonderful sights and can enjoy them so much:) Just as we enjoy these kiddos, even if they are MAD. I can tell they still love me so all is well:)


Nancy said...

I have to give you tons of credit...especially with dealing with Chloe. I always said that if I didn't have my daughter from birth to see the really sweet side of her, I would have killed her when she was a teenager.

Karl said...

I understand about the importance of getting the homework done, but you could use them playing basketball as a "carrot" to help them learnthe importance of getting it done in a timely manner.
I travel to China a couple times a year and a couple f the factories that I visit let me play basketball on their teams. The Chinese love their basketball.
And language is should not be a problem, jsut say Ji Yo, Ji Yo (sp") which means GO GO.

Jennifer said...

Awwww, but mom. They would look so cute in their uniforms. Chicks love b-ball players. ; )

April said...

This may be partially Sam's fault -he is basketball crazy right now and I think he put Chance up to asking - Sorry!

Kelly said...

You are such a great mom and I totally see your point. But, as I was pondering what I would do, I wonder if the basketball might help them with the English. They would be immersed in it at least during practice and games. My son learned a lot of English from playing soccer. And you could also use it as a bribe/incentive. If they don't get the homework done, they don't go to practice. Give them the responsibility of whether they play. Besides, basketball really, really helps get some of the energy out!!!

I admire you and your family so much. Keep up the great job!