Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Farm Fun

Off to the Farm we went. With a local adoption group, a planned outing we invited our friends to come along since they have 2 Ch*na girls as well.

First we went on a hayride, I think the kids were too hyped and we should have done that last when they were TIRED, but then we visited the reindeer, ran around the pumpkin patch, went through the corn maze, ate, climbed the hay stack and just generally had a ball.

All the kids were thrilled they got to play in fire, oops, I mean, cook hot dogs even if ours do not like hot dogs they cooked plenty:) The s'mores were more popular with them even as sweet as they were.

It's so funny that no matter the age of any Asian child, they are immediately drawn to and comfortable with our kids. Chase was doing his darnest to get this little boy snuck home with us, much to the little guy's mother's dismay. Cutie boy looked at me like I had 2 heads, he didn't even flinch when Chase picked him up and carried him around. See how taken he is with Chase? Same with Evie, she just adored the teens.

They had a ball with Evie, Em and Ethan, they ran and played and chased each other, threw hay at each other, crawled in the tunnels under the hay stack and scared each other:)

Even the big kids got into the act, they started out watching over the littles but by the time the littles were wearing out the biggies decided to do cartwheels, climb the hay themselves and act like a big bunch of, well, KIDS!

I was thrilled to see our serious Chase up there playing and having a blast, he is doing so much better. It will be a long road of healing for him, but he is taking baby steps. Just behaving like a KID is huge for him.

He is treating me like a Ch*nese mama, he is bossy and pushy, something I had been warned Ch*na boys are like with their mom. So we are working on that for him to feel he is being heard, but also that I don't feel pestered (to death) by him. Teaching him how to be our child:)

Fun things we have been blessed with lately----

Chloe answers the phone now that she knows dad's number on the ID, when he asked "where's mom?" She responds, "up my butt." Uhhh, not quite. She meant she was sitting on my lap, I was UNDER her butt. We sure did laugh over that though.

4 nights last week of dumplings, made by our children, now that they have admitted they know how to make them and they are fantastic ( the dumplings and the kids), the kids just randomly go to the kitchen and start making them.

My dream come true, someone other than ME producing edible food out of my kitchen. And they even clean up after themselves. WOW.

All the teens are using English, a ton of it, getting more and more freedom to speak to me on their own. Chase especially is using a lot so he clearly knew more than he let on. He is asking what things are, checking if he has the right word for things, and just generally more happy-go-lucky.

It's like seeing a weight lifted off him. Not that they are ALL off, but one lifted off, that's for sure. He has started kissing and telling me he loves me, on his own!! ( Although it's usually to get something he wants so my head isn't swelling too much)

Chase cracks us up because he talks in his sleep. LOUDLY. And this past week, guess what language it's in?? ENGLISH!! Can't fool me, it's gettin' in!! He said "done, Debbie, DONE." I'm sure that was a fight about cooking something with my niece:) And another night it was "Go. Go, GO."

He looks like he is wide awake, sits up in bed and is yelling. Chance thinks it's hilarious. I'm glad Chase is not sleeping in MY room. He's noisy!

Some not so great things, but all part of LIFE around here--

Teaching Chase "I don't care" can be said nicely, or nasty. And nasty is not acceptable. Him testing out 20 ways of saying it to "get it right" when he knew what I meant on the first try- TURD.

We seem to be "butt oriented" for some weird reason, as we are having to teach Miss Kitty that saying "I'm shaking my booty" while shaking her tiny hiney is NOT proper behavior for a 7 year old girl. OIY, where does she get this stuff??

The twins did not, in fact, go to school and cry wolf, I mean, cry they didn't know English. I warned them they better NOT, that I would be very upset with them. Must have scared them good:)

Camden lost his toe nail. He injured it weeks ago, dropped a weight on it, I know , OUCH! I took pictures but he said "MOM do not put those on your blog!" Since it is HIS toe, and quite frankly, really gross looking, I am not putting pictures on the blog. But trust me when I say it's been a disgusting happening.

He screamed so loud when I had to drain it I was sure CPS would be at my door, asking who we were torturing here. But it's in the healing stage now and I don't want to even see it, let alone mess with it.

Chance is figuring out his place here too, he has been a bit whiney lately, really wanting ALL my attention. Now, if you have any idea what it is like to be the favored parent of THREE teens with many, many needs and wants, you can relate to feeling like drinking yourself to a stupor. (Just telling the truth mom! Now that you are BACK)

But it's essential to take breaks, I tend to not be able to get out much but my MP3 player and I become best friends, the kids think I can't hear them over my music and I "take a break" from them. I have to in order to remain sane.

It's very draining. They don't even have the understanding if I lay down to NOT come in my room and wake me up telling me something! So much to learn:)

But it will come. Someone said to us at the farm, wow, you have 10 kids, that must be wonderful.

Before I could even think about it, I said "uh, well, most days I feel like I'm being tortured, I want to pull all my hair out and scream, so I guess not." Then we all laughed.

I did mention something about feeling blessed so I hope I covered my booty, oops, I mean, fixed that pretty well, huh? Don't worry, we really do feel amazingly blessed. Just gotta have some fun once in a while with people:)


Love for Lilly Yin said...

I am so glad that "normal" is setting in and the kids are doing well. Sounds like fun to me, I was an only child.

Shirlee McCoy said...

You are blessed, but that doesn't mean you aren't also crazed from all the needs and wants and clutching hands! ;0)

I'm glad you all had such a fun outing. I love the pictures.

Holly said...

I'm sure you never assumed it would always be a bed of roses, this life you've chosen. But you've chosen the best kind of life there is. The kind that's pleasing to God. We will keep praying, and I know it will get easier!