Friday, October 22, 2010

Disappearing children

My niece so graciously offered to babysit and sent me and dad off tonight for our wedding anniversary, which happens to be tomorrow. (I told ya it was a busy month!)

So after we go she allows certain children, namely Chase and Chance, as well as Kat, to go outside and play. They were instructed to "stay in the yard." WELL...... she is obviously too trusting because not only did the boys take off, they took Kat, as well as the dog.

They claimed- after returning 45 minutes and a near heart attack (our poor niece) later, they were "walking the dog." Now, this would be a super excuse, IF the dog LIKED them and wanted to be walked by them. As it is, they have no love lost of my tiny little fluff ball and do not consider him a "real" dog so they torment him more often than not. They do not have any desire to "walk the dog" any other time, as well as me telling them to "never take the dog again for a walk."

Tommy really only prefers ME to take him out at any given time. A little "prince like" but that's my Tommy for ya. I keep telling him when he refuses to go out on rainy days he does NOT belong to Par*s Hilton and needs to get over it, already.
Beyond the boys' disappearing act --the MOST aggravating thing about this was they knew they did something wrong and yet Chase and Chance sat there and LAUGHED when being scolded.

They have done this to me before, numerous times, as well as saying "it's okay" when it clearly is NOT okay. Quite frankly, it makes me feel like slapping the grins right off their faces, grounding them for life-- I guess you get my drift. It's incredibly annoying and they have been told this is NOT appropriate behavior but it continues. So any ideas, my trusty readers?

Luckily Debbie did not call us, we enjoyed our dinner out, then went in search of a t-shirt, hat and letters to create a baseball outfit for Camden. He has a presentation this week and he picked a character that requires a uniform and it's someone from ages ago that we couldn't find a real jersey for the dude if we wanted to. So we get to be creative, of course we do. Camden had no understanding how difficult the outfit would be to make up. Gotta love those innocent 10 year old boys and their ideas.

We guess Debbie will know better than to babysit for us again, man, there goes the only crazy- oops I mean, wonderful person who was willing to even TRY babysitting our hooligans. And now they've messed that up. To think, we only let her with half the crew, too, Camden and Chloe were at friends houses!
We really are stuck with these hooligans for good, for always, thick and thin, every day 24/7, sniff, sniff...... I hear our date night swirling their way right down the toilet. Honestly I can't believe we can't leave 15 and 14 year olds, and they not pull this crap. And they look so innocent and sweet in their pictures, don't they? Guess they act like ours so we gotta claim 'em. OIY.


mom2joy said...

You are way better at this parenting thing than I am, but if I was in your boots I would need "dates". I think that if Debbie is willing to try it again VERY SOON, you should go out again and make it clear that there will be major restrictions (whatever that might be other than food, clothes and bed) if anything goes amiss. They do have so much to learn. But they have learned so much and come so far. I think they are having the time of their lives and just sometimes get their good times rollin' so fast they can't stop it!! I try to imagine what it will be like for you ten years from now when you are all looking back at these days, weeks, months, years!!

Carolyn (in Las Vegas), mother to Joy Lin age 14 from Hefei, Anhui

Chad and Kristy said...

In A.L.'s case, the therapist said that when she laughed while in trouble it was not something that she could help or control. It was more of a nervous habit because she was embarrassed (although it looked more like a "ha, I think its funny" laugh the therapist assured me it was not. Who knows! but YES, I do know exactly how you feel on that one:) Hope you had a good date night... its been so long I almost forgot what it was;)

Holly said...

So sorry it turned out that way, but I'm sure it could have been worse, and if it was me, I would definitely try babysitting for you again. You NEED dates, so keep trying!

Monica said...

I agree, that you are an awesome mom! I also have g/b twins and when they were little, the used to laugh when they were sent to timeout. Believe me, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing! What finally stopped it was giving them a second punishment for laughing at me (Trust me, that is exactly what they were doing!) I would stand there and calmly keep taking privileges until they no longer thought it was so funny.

Their teacher, future boss,... won't find their behavior funny, so as you already know, they need to learn to be respectful.

Again, GREAT job!!!

Wright Family said...

Chinese laugh when they are nervous or embarrassed... I hope your boys were both! Catherine

Wright Family said...

Do you wonder if they were planning to come back? Maybe they were looking for someplace better but have now realized that there is no place better!