Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday girls

There's some happy girls here. Mal and Kat have birthdays today and yesterday. Kat was squealing with joy opening gifts, isn't that just too fun? She got all she asked for and more.

Chloe, on the other hand was less than thrilled with Kat's gifts. Paper, stamps, markers, glitter, messy, messy stuff:) Chloe is SURE she is going to have to clean it up in their room.

I sometimes think it's a shame Chance was not the girl of our twins, as he and Kat would be bunked together and they could just mess away. Chase keeps Chance's mess in check, and Chloe hounds Kat. So I guess I should be thankful their rooms stay in order even with the complaints.

We had cake yesterday as well as pumpkin pie, and enjoyed a day with our girls. We HAD to tease Chloe since Mal turned 19 and after 18 the rule in our house is birthday gifts are socks.

Chloe is sooo not impressed by this. She can't understand WHY the older kids are GLAD to get socks. She'll learn someday, huh?

Chase's ankle is better, I asked if he was sure he could go to school today, and he said "yes." He rested it yesterday, he didn't even fuss about staying down, so I know he was hurting. Donovan, Cam, Chloe and Chance went to an evening church service at a farm, they had a hayride and bonfire.
Never without incident, they were on the hayride and Donovan got hit by branch, reached up to save his hat and realized his glasses were GONE! Total kudos to my BFF Brenda and kids, they actually FOUND his glasses in the dark and on the trail, then when the tractor came back for them they scared the others by jumping out at them.

Today Kat wore her new dress and pink coat I found her on clearance, she has her "Birthday Girl" ribbon on and she wanted to know if she got more gifts again today. Aren't we just totally spoiled?

She does get her choice of supper so we are having chicken. Her all time favorite food:)
Note to Heather and everyone else, thank you for leading me to a family in need. I truly feel what we experience is for a purpose and am more than happy to help any family, before,during or after adoption. I will be honest. I do not sugar coat. I will help in any way we can.

It's part of our children's blessing in our lives that we can take what we have learned and even have the kiddos help, which they have no problem doing. They are truly concerned and caring kids, especially when it's a child or children that have just came home and are trying to find their way in this new world and life.

I'm ever mindful of how hard this can be, how important it is to have support and will help any family we can, so don't hesitate to e-mail me.

To Beth-- YOU are a SUPER momma, doing ALL the right things, and I can tell you, it only gets better! As your kiddos learn English, find their place and settle in it does get easier, so hang in there. You are doing just fine, and remember- as long as they aren't duct taped in a closet then it's been a GOOD day:)

To my 2 precious birthday girls, could ya, would ya, just stop growing up so darn fast? It's unbelievable how fast your birthdays come and go... oh, wait a minute-- does this mean I' m getting O-L-D???


Sue said...

Happy birthday to you...I agree, they grow up to fast...

Heather said...

Beth, I'm always so glad you don't sugar coat things. We're all a little dysfunctional, don't you think?HA!

Holly said...

Happy birthday to your girls!!!