Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn and ailments

We enjoyed a wonderful time at Miketober Fest, an outdoor party held by a church member, including campfire, hayride and supper. Loads of fun, the teens are totally nuts about FIRE, they get too close, throw too much wood in, burn too much food in it. Might be a good thing their brother is a junior fire fighter?

They played, we danced, we ate, someone brought a huge black pot of bean soup and I was told in church this morning how Chloe asked "where's the witch?" That goof.

Baba got to take Chloe on an ATV ride, Donovan took Chance and Chase. All three swore they know how to drive and wanted to badly but it was dark and they ended up as riders only, keeping momma from losing her last nerve:)

We almost didn't make it to the fun, the van's battery was acting up and it didn't want to start. When we went to an auto store to have them test if it was the battery or something else, praying all along it was "just" the battery, Chloe was amazed to learn the van HAD a battery. So she had to get out and see it.

First it was just her and Chance, then out went Donovan and Camden, I had to laugh when the auto guy looked up and saw Chase and Kat coming out next, he had a look that said "how many more kids are coming out of there?"
After the tune of $112 unexpected dollars, it's got a new battery. I am very thankful this happened on a weekend and wasn't something that found me with my usual 5-6 kids in the van stranded somewhere.

The radiator on Baba's blazer went as well, it has been going for some time, but it's to a point it has to be replaced. It's annoying but we have to be thankful that it does now belong to us and not the bank, yep, paid it off in August.
Let's hope this will be the last of the vehicle repairs needed, at least till we get through the increased cost of the Christmas season, which is coming all too soon. We want it to be very special as the boys' first Christmas but also to remember the reason for the season:)

I guess it's just that time of the year, as Kat also was sick, Friday evening she was very sleepy and listless. She then says " I threw up." I asked her "When, and why didn't you tell me?" Her reply? "I was nervous."

I thought that was odd, so I asked her if she knew what that meant. She told me "shy?" Hummmmm. Wondering if the illness affected her brain 'cause shy is NOT a word I would apply to her. She was assured she should and could tell us when she is/was sick with no worries.

We went to the party last night as she seemed fine all day Sat. By the time we came home last night Camden was pretty whiny and I should have realized he was next. 4 am and he was waking me up with "I don't feel so good."

Yep, he's not too nervous to wake me and tell me he is sick. So he has laid around looking miserable today, also mad he missed the pastor appreciation lunch and all that food.

Everyone enjoys eating with our kids, they are so interesting. Like when Chloe, who LOVES Kit K*t candy took ALL of them out of the bowl of candy at the dessert table and then had Chase hand them out to people. They are not ones unwilling to share:)

I think with the weather turning colder and me getting O-L-D-E-R, the aches and pains are setting in. My hip has given me grief this week, and when Baba went and got me muscle rub we all laughed when Donovan came in the door and asked "what smells like bathroom cleaner?"
And it was ME. You know, the grandmotherly smell of BenG*y. Oh well, it will just have to go along with spicy fall scents, right?

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