Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And Another

Yep, It's official. I'm O-L-D-E-R. 43 big ones today, not embarrassed to admit it even if my older kids refuse to accept that I am, indeed over 40. Matter of fact when I hit the big 4-0 they insisted I was 39 so I humored them by counting backwards for a few years but then realized I would be the same age as them before too long and that's just silly.

So I'm owning up to and proud of every one of those 43 years. Okay, maybe not so proud of a few of those teen years but I've earned every wrinkle, stretch mark and freckle.

My kids don't seem to know what to do for mother's birthday, they asked, "was it really, my birthday?" As if I dared to have birthday:) I told them it sure was my day, all day, mine, mine mine:) Miss Kitty got up this morning and said "oh it's your birthday, you're 24, oops, I mean 34 today RIGHT? See why I love that girl so much?

I started my day with dishes and laundry, not that I am complaining, mind you, since I am ever mindful that we are blessed to have running clean water in our home, as well as a washer and dryer. I try to always give God a little thank you when I wash dishes, or fold our clean clothes.

Okay, now for the latest on the kids. These kids have been ganging up on me with their dad. Picking at me. I swear I saw Chloe bumping hips with dad, you know, that ogre that she has been avoiding for over a year. I think she decided at some point he's not so bad. So it was entirely too funny to see dad stru
ggling to put something tiny together in his hands and Chloe bumping his hip and saying "whatcha doing?"

When she figured out he was trying to do something she laughed but also said "oh sorry!" It's so good to hear "dad" once in a while from them instead of always "MOM."

Chase spiked his hair back up after I hounded him endlessly- oops I mean, suggested it often. Chance now refuses to comb his hair up like I prefer it. Chloe asked about getting her hair cut again. It was funny, her trying to plead her case by saying that I could have my "little daughter" to have long hair, and she should be allowed to do what she wants. OIY.

Then dad was telling me that my cell phone was being billed for 4 months now for a game site- and I never play games on it. Interestingly it started after Chase had my phone messing it with BRIEFLY one day. Hummmm. And these 3 think the
y should have cell phones of their own?? That will be a cold day in.......well, Florida. Ya didn't think I was gonna use a BAD word there did ya?

Chance was trying to get my attention, when I dared to spend some time with Chloe, working on a project, so he sat beside us and he decided to pray, and it went like this "God- dee, please help me- blah blah (in Chinese) God-dee." Chloe was laughing and telling him, it's GOD, not God-dee! And he still was messing up and saying Goddy. He's such a nut.

Check out what his shirt says, not sure he could handle the whole "Jesus" word any better than Goddy, so I'll just let him with his "Goddy."

Chloe asked me to get her some shirts for under her clothes, meaning a "turtleneck." When I told her that I would get some turtlenecks w
hen I went shopping next she exclaimed "I don't want a turtle- neck- that's gross." I realized she was thinking a real animal turtle NECK. Never a dull conversation around here- that's for sure.

As far as reflections of the past year, wow, where do I start? The biggest thing was of course, adding in the boys. The miracles that happened to get them home.

Personally, my faith in God growing, expanding me to do more than I ever thought possible. Amazing happiness but also some rough times. I'm okay with the rough, I have come to understand I may need to go through the rough to grow in God, to help others that will follow God's lead and adopt older kiddos,
and they NEED support and help of someone who has BTDT.

Truly an amazing year that has brought me to here, another year older and the mother of 11. I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father for giving me life, for always being with me and never giving up on me.

I'm so thankful for my family, as goofy as they are, they are MINE. And I love them. I feel tremendously blessed on this birthday of mine, no doubt about that:)

Oh, and since it's my birthday I get to post some of my fave pictures of this crazy crew from the past few days. Who wants to see me anyway, I look the same as always:) (yah HUH MOM)


mom2three said...

Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed.

I so enjoy your blog. You brighten my days, make me smile, and make me thankful for my blessings.


Holly said...

I love it! Happy happy birthday to you!!!

Holly said...

I love it! Happy happy birthday to you!!!

Shirlee McCoy said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! You are VERY blessed to have all those wonderful kids!!!!