Sunday, October 10, 2010

4 years ago

We walked in a hot crowded room with 14 other families. We were called first, there was our girl. Kat Aza Min was placed in my arms. I recall thinking "ohhh, she's so light, I better not drop her!"

She was so incredibly tiny. Just 23 3/4 lbs and 35 inches at age 3! She was not really thrilled to met us, but we were instantly taken with her.

She had on little pants, a pink shirt and sandals. Her hair was the biggest surprise, shaved down like a boy. None of the cute pigtails we had seen in her pictures, nope they were GONE. Nonetheless she was adorable, incredible, a dream come true.

Her SN a double toe nail on her one piggy toe that we still call her "special toe" and tell her she was PERFECT for our family since daddy cut off a fingertip. including the nail years ago, she makes us the RIGHT number of nails in the family- see how crazy we really are?

Her amazing spirit, her obvious love of her foster parents, now acting as her grandparents, inspired us to foster children here, as well as to look to journey to Ch*na again to add another older, wonderful daughter into our family, which we all know then that brought us 2 more sons!

Kat was named perfectly, she is a "copy cat" as Camden calls her. She loves to copy anything he does, she has from Day 1. She was totally enchanted by his and my earrings, so I pierced her ears as soon as the ink was dry on the Adoption Certificate. Baba went for a swim, she went down for a nap, boom, she had pierced ears:)

Her first word was "Cam-dean- ahh" her version of Camden. She adores him. He is her big brother, her protector, her buddy and the reason we even looked to adopt. He asked for a "little sister" and we were sure we were done home growing our family:)

Her first year home was tough, she was sick often, some pretty scary stuff, landing her in the hospital, but once we were able to get her tonsils out the following June, it was amazing how quickly she gained good health.
Although she is clearly never going to be a BIG person, she in now healthy as can be. She came to us wearing 18 months baby clothes, size 6 shoes.

It takes a lot to get some weight on her, after 4 years she is still just a tiny thing, at 7 years old (next week is the big birthday) she is 36 pounds and 45 inches, and yes, she STILL fits the outfit she came in, all but the shoes:)

She wears a size 10 shoe now. She is very slim, she needs size 6 for her height, but can fit a 24 month, 2T size in the waist! Makes for a rough time buying jeans, so it's cool that she LOVES dresses, is the most girly girl of all times.

And her hair, well, it's grown quite long. Her foster mother (Po Po) shaved her hair for us, to try to get her hair to come in thicker, but this did not happen. She still has very fine hair, and a very flat back to her head, making a ponytail just look silly on her. So she prefers her hair pulled up and a bow on top, of course.
She's spunky, not a morning person, an absolute diva, who knows without a doubt how loved she is. She also thrives under the love and pampering of all her siblings, but mainly the BOYS, she has them wrapped right around her finger. She is also the first one to help a peer in school, the most loving, the sweetest girl.

It was as if we were her parents from her beginning, it doesn't seem possible we didn't always have her. I've started to say something about her being "like this person in the family" only to realize we didn't home grow her and it wasn't possible. When we look at her we don't see a Ch*na girl, we see OUR DAUGHTER, the baby girl in our life. And we thank God for His blessing of her in our lives. We love her sooo much.

She's changed our world for the better. I've been telling her how WANTED she was, and is. She is the perfect fit for our family. Sent by God to fill our hearts with love and joy. She was our very first MIN child. She gives the teens a tie to us, as Min children as well:)

Happy 4th Anniversary Day Kat!


Holly said...

Aw...I remember following your journey back then! Happy, happy forever family day to all of you!!!

Monkey Tales said...

Happy 4th anniversary!! It is a day that Caidi & I will never forget!

Donna said...

Happy 4th Forever Day Anniversary to Maddy's Qinzhou cousin and her lovely family!


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