Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who lives here?

I often wonder how someone who is a mere 35 pounds can make as much noise as she does. Miss Kitty, along with her lovely sibling, Chance, have a very bad habit. They STOMP their way through the house like a herd of elephants. It's terribly annoying. And they seem to be oblivious to what they are doing.

I swear I'm gonna borrow one of Donovan's alarms and blast it at them and when I do it I am going to tell them I thought it was an elephant crossing that needed to be manned.

Don't think I won't do it either, just ask the older kids about the dishes on their beds:) They refused to get their clothes off my bed, they were clean, folded, sorted but they could not bring themselves to come get them so I could get in MY bed at night, without taking clothes off and then back on the next day.

After a few days of people STILL not coming for their things, I put dishes on their bed while they were at school.

They came home and said "uh mom, have you finally lost it?" And I said "Yep, over the edge I went. You refused to get your clothes, now you can see how it feels to have to move things off YOUR bed to get in it to go to sleep." Guess what? It WORKED, they got their clothes from then on. And they still talk about how nuts I am to have put dishes on their beds.

Anyone notice anything different about the blog?? Yep, I finally did it. Put up pics in the sidebar of us, the nutty parents, and our crew. Claiming 'em all. And making them claim US:) I have at least 4 who throw a hand up to their faces the second they see my camera so I was super proud to be able to get pretty recent pics of them all.

It might have helped that I wasn't beyond some threatening to put up the worst picture of each that I could find if they did not cooperate. See, we really are the proud parents of 10+. And didn't I have one (Brandon) who really liked his picture:) Said it was the best ever of him, swelling my head terribly.

My day started with some children in my kitchen for the second day in a row. Now certain people (mom) think they shouldn't even be allowed in the kitchen but I was holding fast to my belief that they might someday be compelled to do some work if allowed in the kitchen and yesterday was the DAY.

They were "bored" so they decided since they had no school and were not allowed to touch the dryer to "help." In the KITCHEN:)

Chloe and Chase cleaned out drawers, I did have to "joke- ahh" Chloe a bit when I showed them the silverware did not all go in the drawer, that we have a set in a box that has been on the counter for many years, and Chloe "NEVER" knew.

Chance was so impressed with my box and it's velvet lining, he said "oh mother, very beautiful, very." Then they washed, dried and stored all the silverware and moved on to the drawers. I think Chloe is trying to do better, I found this note on my desk.

Today they cleaned out the fridge and did the cups, bowls and plate cupboard. First Chase burned popcorn in the microwave, OIY does that STINK and I mean, the whole house stunk for hours. Then they cooked potatoes and made deviled eggs.

They did all the dishes, and I mean, wash, dry, put away, not a dish to be found. So I am beginning to wonder what happened to my REAL kids and who these ones are?

I did notice Chance didn't really participate in the cleaning, he is more than happy to let Chloe and Chase go to it. He was enjoying playing his video game and sits at my feet just like Chloe used to, as close as he can possibly get to me.

We are very proud to say my niece Debbie graduated from Business School Thursday and started a job yesterday. No graduation ceremony so no pictures, but I posted one of her boy, Jaxon, who is starting to coo.

It's so funny how he tries so hard and just loves when anyone talks to him. Chance was checking him out and marveling at how tiny he is. He's getting lots of lovin' that's for sure.

I lost a follower (MOM, really, how could YOU) see, I do pay attention to all you who read and I am so happy to know if Kat ever goes through all those 7 big brothers and needs stood up for you all have her covered.

She seems to have no lasting effect of the whole ordeal, I did talk with her again about it just to be sure if she needed to voice anything she knew she could tell me.

Diva girl has a hard time not thinking everyone adores her, so that does help:) Healthy self confidence level for that one, that's for sure.

Camden's on his way home with 2 friends, twin siblings, last time they stayed I recalled saying something like "never again!" But here we are, they let him stay so it's our turn. Seems my bed is calling me early, dad, who is watching football will be stuck keeping them in line. Oh, well, guess that's only fair PLAY:)

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Chad and Kristy said...

Love the pictures on the side! I am so glad you did that... it is nice to have a face to go along with the names:)