Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday left me with a bang. A migraine. Ouch. Not very fun, started when the baby fussed and screamed all day long, should have named him Oscar the Grouch.

Then the 2 phone calls from the school, for them to tell me they held an assembly and embarrassed the crap out of our son, Chase. Nice. Asking all the kids in his grade to "help him out" and then they got to ask him questions. The outcome was at least one kid trying to speak Chinese today to him and failing miserably, as well as one girl begging to "sign up" to help him.

Otherwise the boys are doing just fine, Sam's mom was nice enough to call to let me know Chance and him are getting along, not surprising, Chance can be quite the funny guy. Now if he can just remember how to unlock his lock that took me an hour to teach him, he wouldn't sit still long enough to watch how I did it.

Chase brought his home, said "Mother sit down right here" beside him and had me show him about 5 times and he had it. I have noticed already his English is improving. At least he is more willing to use it. He threw me into a panic at church tonight though, he greeted some of his friends saying "Ola," I told him "hey, you can't do that, not ANOTHER language I don't know!" He thought that was terribly funny to pull that on me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be no phone calls, our phone was out today until almost 2 pm so I thought I was going to get through a day with no school call, but as soon as the phone was fixed the school called. SIGH. I was glad the phone was fixed at least, it was ringing once, no one there, all morning. How crazy is that? People were calling and it was ringing to them 5 times, then going to voice mail- which we don't even HAVE?

I'm beat, I have to update again tomorrow since this is a pitifully short post. Sorry, tired momma of many.


Adrian Roberta said...

Oh Sweetie! Migraines ARE the worst, I'm so sorry to hear you got hit by one yesturday. Hopefully today there will be no traces of it left. I get them too, do you know what triggers them for you?


MKBookWorks said...

Migraines are the worst.. maxalt has been a big help! Love the names you have for your children.. especially Chloe and Chance.. (hint hint I love those A LOT!) Tee Hee!!

Glad to see the kids are doing so well!