Thursday, September 30, 2010

No supper

No supper tonight. I had one planned, I sure did. I laid out a nice big roast, yesterday. In the evening it was gone. I figured dad put it in the fridge so we wouldn't all get food poisoning, as they all fear I will give them some day.

When I went to place that lovely big roast in the pan to start the simmer, slow roast all day, take out the juice, make some noodles, just think of the yummy smell all through the house. Errrrrchhh. Stop right there, I couldn't FIND the roast. Looked in the fridge, nope, not there.

A thought dawned on me. And I knew. With total dread I looked in the freezer and by George, ( or should I say Chase) it was THERE. In that freezer as solid as a block of ice. So there went supper.

He told me he sniffed it and it "smelled bad" so he put it back. And looked at me like "of course I put it back, it stunk." OIY. So I told him "no supper." Momma can't cook this- and I banged on the meat/aka ice block. He said sorry and he kissed me so I couldn't get tooooo upset, after all it is just MEAT. Not the end of the world.

As I already decided this week to dump, oops, I mean, invite dad to participate more with the teens, I am dumping this in his lap. I'm guessing it will be take out, since he's bound to ask what I want to do. And I'm not going to say "figure out something else to cook for supper." I'm just NOT.

It's been a rough week - can you tell? I had to scold Chloe AGAIN for her treatment of Kat, not letting her do things in their room. THEIR room, not CHLOE's ROOM. And again when she was scolded, the 3 teens all retreat to their rooms. Like they were all 3 in trouble.

I find it really difficult to describe the dynamics of adopting siblings such as we did. It's tough and trying at times. The 3 teens are trying to learn what it means to be a part of this whole family and at times they don't really CARE to be any more than their little threesome family. It's a process but at times it can be annoying and upsetting.

Chance was looking through Kat's life book and he questioned why she was a MIN. As if she wasn't allowed to have "their" name. And I set him straight really fast.
Chase, Chloe and Chance still seem to think Kat should act like a nearly 7 year old orphanage child. That means no crying, no fussing, no saying she's hungry, no yelling, no pouting, clean up after herself and others. I have to remind them constantly that they are NOT her mother, and they will not treat her poorly. Quite frankly I get sick of saying it.
I think part of their issue is they are jealous that Kat was here when she was little. She remembers her time in Ch*na with her beloved Po Po (foster mom who we now consider her grandma) as being loved, cared about. She maintains a tie to her heritage and life through Po Po still. Then she got us. At age 3. Not 13. Not after being taken from their birth mother and then living in an orphanage for years.

I understand where they would feel this way, but it does not excuse mean behavior toward their new sister. And she is now their sister. She comes with US now being their parents, which they all 3 do seem happy to have us.
Now as far as Camden goes, I see improvement. Playing together, living together, some normal bickering of boys, but no blatant meanness. They are accepting him and getting along with him, maybe me throwing that fit and telling them he was "our son first" and they better knock it off worked. I didn't want to go there but to protect the younger kids I had to.

The newbies weren't going to believe they would all be treated the same no matter what, that Camden and Kat were not "preferred children" having been here first. This has actually improved things, putting the big ones in their place.

Matter of fact, the "little family within our family" is starting to "crack"-- Chance has come to me to ask me to intervene on his behalf with Chloe and Chase. I see this as a huge step, instead of arguing between themselves, he looked to have me "save his hiney."

I am trying to just enjoy these blessings, as Chloe is sitting beside me telling me I am old, but not really, but I will be soon. Oh JOY. I can hardly wait. I can't imagine how much more we could possibly be blessed:)

Because we never lose sight that we are blessed. Because even on a rough week, we know that we did what God told us to do, we answered His call. And He has not left us hanging alone to work on these special children He loves. He created. He lead us to bring them home for a reason and we are thankful to have them to love.
And thankful daddy saved the day and we did indeed, have supper. Even if it wasn't roast:)


Sue said...

I wouldn't want to miss supper either, glad dad was able to save the day.

traceylynndel said...

At least the roast is good for another day's dinner. I was afraid you were going to write "the dog had eaten it" or something to that extent. Seems to be the time of year for those kinds of days. I am glad you write so often. I enjoy reading about your life. It is a little something to lighten my day.