Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MY Homework?

I'm a little stumped. Since when did I have to do homework assignments for my kids to get graded? Donovan brought home a paper that he declared I had homework in the form of writing a paper about how wonderful my son is to me.

I'm thinking his teacher might be sorry he assigned such a thing to ME. I mean, really, who even likes their snotty teen kids? So instead of writing the usual blah, blah letter, my son is soooo wonderful, blah blah, I wrote (gasp) the TRUTH.

It went like this-
My son is the most wonderful son in the whole wide world because--

Donovan is tall and can reach things I can't. If he would do that for me, but he won't.
He is so thoughtful.

Donovan can argue any point I bring up no matter what the issue.
He is so caring.

Donovan has a goal to earn a ton of money, live in a mansion and allow me, his mother to live in the basement and clean his toilets.
He is so loving.

Donovan makes noises to annoy everyone in the family.
He is so creative.

Donovan doesn't do his chores because he expects to be paid to do anything, even though he is fed, clothed and cared for.
He is so appreciative.

Donovan is a junior firefighter. When trusted once to babysit his brother, he left him alone to answer a fire call.
He is so responsible.

Donovan doesn't do school work or homework unless I hold use of the computer as an incentive.
He is so motivated.

Donovan likes that I wrote these things about him.
He is so wonderfully weird.

I seriously doubt this teacher has/will receive another homework assignment like mine. And all I can say is, he asked for it. I mean, my kid is a TEEN! Clarifying here-- (MOM) I love Donovan. Totally, and as is. He is my Asperger kiddo and he struggles with mostly social issues, reading people when they talk, being single minded. It's hard to tell when he looks and acts mainly like any other 16 year old boy. But I had already spoken to the teacher and he knew we struggled with him having Asperger's. And Donovan was very happy to take my homework in and tell his teacher his mother is "nuts."

We had a fairly quiet holiday weekend. The teens annoyed me once more when I told them they could wash my van that they had wrote their names and stuff in Chinese all over in the dust on it.

So the first thing out of Chloe's mouth was "Camden did it too." Which I know wasn't true because it said "CHLOE" on the back window and Chinese on the sides, so which did he write? GRRR. Then they went out and hurried to wipe the dust with TISSUES to erase the evidence.

Ended up I pulled weeds instead of ripping the kids' heads off,(oops-- did I write that?) and Baba washed the van:(

Between the weed pulling, my essay getting done, school back in session today, and my chores all caught up, I feel much better and I could hardly wait for 3 pm to come-- when they all got home. (Did that sound convincing?) Okay, so I'm just not annoyed with them anymore, it's not worth my time, and I have better things to do.

This morning when I came downstairs to see the big ones off to school, I asked if Chase was wearing a shirt or a jacket. AND HE UNDERSTOOD ME! He answered via Chloe translation, but he knew what I asked. It's coming, communication will happen!

I asked this because he was wearing this really odd shirt/jacket combo thing that looks like two separate pieces of clothes, but it's not. The partial shirt is sewn into the jacket and per Chloe, it's a famous Chinese rock star. He brought this with him when he came from the orphanage and he had it on in a few of his pictures he brought too, so it must be a favorite of his, along with the plum shirt.

Chloe said he had pants that went with it, I was relieved to hear he has grown out of them, as they were the ones that had "five hands"written all over them, including a hand on the rear pocket of his tush and they didn't really look appropriate for school to me. He's grown at least 1 1/2 inches, maybe 2 if you count the spiked hair:)

This past weekend Chloe managed to get all her stuff out of the garlic-- I mean, attic, yeah, she calls it the garlic, another Chloe twist of words:) And I got all the stuff she had to have washed immediately done. She is ready for the cooler temps.

I had to dig in the boys closet and tell Chance that certain clothes were his, bought before he came, and they were to be worn to school NOT old summer clothes.

I sorted Camden's stuff for the same reason, school/play clothes, Chance had to be told he was NOT wearing his clothes to bed as if that hasn't been tried on this momma before??

As well as being told his bed it NOT his closet, no clothes allowed on the bed and the bedspread covering them is NOT fooling mother. He hides his mess since Chase is extremely organized and wants their room spotless. Chloe and Chase are very alike in that manner.

Another odd thing about Chloe and Chase- their hair. It's the same, thick as can be, black as night. Grows fast. They both also get WHITE hairs. Usually just 1 or 2 in the back. Chance's hair grows slow, is thinner, and is a lighter shade as well. I've never seen white in his hair. So why, my faithful readers do my teens get white hairs? I can understand MINE but them? I am clueless on this?

Over all a better day today, not so tough:)


Patty said...

My daughter has those white hairs too! Well I call them grey hairs...she had TONS when she first came home last year (she's 15 now) and her two friends that came home the year before also have TONS!!! Our daughters has mostly disappeared now--i think she's pulled out any she sees and I just assumed it was due to poor early nutrition but I really have no idea!

mom2three said...

our son (4) had one white hair that sticks straight out of his head!! GO figure..maybe a Chinese thing ;) heehee

Kelly said...

I'M SOOOOOO laughing about your essay. I'm a teacher, and if I received that I would HOWL and show it around to every other teacher in my vicinity, and when I wrote my book about things I've received over my career, THAT essay would be in the first chapter.
Your humor (and honesty about older adoption) are why I keep coming back.

Heather BT said...

The white hairs are generally due to poor nutrition. If you see starving children in Africa pictures, you'll notice a lot of the children have red hair for the same reason. Acer's single white hair went away, but I don't think they all do as I went to school with a Vietnamese boy who had lived there during the war and in High School he still had silver in his hair.