Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun

Tonight was Activity Night at the teens Middle School. I went to spy- oops, I mean chaperone, scoping out how the kids are doing socially in the school. Chloe LOVES activity night, and the boys had an absolute BALL.

I never thought they would get out there and dance like that!

I tried to get pictures but they were too far and too fast for me to get a good shot. Trust me when I say they went ALL OUT.

I wanted to give you all an update on the kids, school updates since we are 3 weeks in... I'll go kid by kid.

Donovan has shown me no grades yet, nor have I gotten any more phone calls. Usually quiet is not good, in his case, so I figure whatever bomb he has awaiting me will drop soon.

His attitude has not improved one bit but I refuse to tolerate him baiting me, which has made life so much easier for me, I just have to keep my mouth shut. (Did I say that was easy?- ha ha)

I have a goal with Donovan, he is going to "get it" in terms of respecting mother before he leaves for good. As he is already a snotty 16+ year old, time is short. But I can not excuse his behavior, there is no excuse for rudeness, nor disrespect. He has a huge potential, he is such a neat guy under all that attitude.

Chase is doing well in school. Settling in. He finally "got it" that the red folder is to come home with him EVERY night. (English homework) Mother will know if you don't bring it! He is catching on to more words, although I still hear mostly Chinese when they get home. His buddy (now a girl) is working out much better for him.

Chloe is doing a bunch of her grade level work, even with the ESL teacher stating she is about a 3 rd grade reader level. That girl is bright and she will go at something over and over till she gets it. She is surviving (barely in her opinion) without Hannah in her every single class to help her- GASP.

Chance is learning slower in actual reading, but the speaking English he is learning fast. We found out Chance can not read in Chinese. Not sure why, if he has a learning disability or laziness. So he is being watched as he is learning English for signs of needing help. He likes his buddy Sam, but also wants to be independent, so he walks "alone" sometimes, he tells me.

He continues to be a total love bug and is always my funny guy.

Camden is doing great, he has no issues, excited and having a ball in 4th grade. he is wanting to play the flute so if anyone has any help to give I would really appreciate it.

We are considering rental to see if he will stick with it. I don't know if we should go with a student one, brands, borrowing?

Kat is accepting school really is every day, that she is there to learn, not look pretty.
She likes her teacher and is doing great. No "bad kid"stories yet.

She is "Student of the Week" next week, she gets to sit by the teacher and take in things to tell about her. She is busy making drawings, gathering pictures, and things she wants to take in.

She has never been a morning person, but she usually makes it to Wed, sometimes even Thursday before she is really, really grouchy in the mornings.

Home updates-
The boys finally, finally seem to be slowing down on the eating. Chance is now 89 pounds, same as Chloe. He gained 5 pounds total. Chase is growing upward, as if he isn't tall enough to come home already taller than mother? He's still a skinny 119 lbs. But they both seem to finally see that food is a given here. The next meal, and the next, are coming. Do not stuff as much as possible in you because you may not get another meal. YOU WILL. They still worry about "getting fluffy" --as if. Drive their fluffy mother nuts.

With school starting the boys seem more settled to me. Not so antsy. They are busy in school and when they come home they are ready to chill. It's nice that Chase still helps out in any way he can, carrying laundry, taking out the trash. Never being asked to do it. He just is that way.

Chance will do nothing that he is not goaded into doing. By me or Chase. But how can you get mad at that face? Their rooms are kept neat, clothes away, beds made. A nice change from some not-so-neat children I have raised in the past.

I stood tonight and marveled at the miracle of them being here. Last year I chaperoned the first Activity Night when Chloe went and we had no idea if we would be able to get Chase home or not. We thought so for Chance, but not Chase. I can't get over the feelings of amazement in our God that I have.

To see these 2 boys dance their hearts out, fitting in just fine with their peers, being accepted and cared about, WOW. Just a short year ago, they sat in an orphanage, waiting for us to keep the promise we gave that we would return for them. Not knowing if they could trust us, would they ever see their sister again?

A year later and here we are. We love them, trust me, they have their moments, but I assure you, they are deeply loved. They are cherished. They are learning about God and all the people who helped get them here. It's overwhelming to them now, to understand it all, but they will understand one day.

Chloe is getting back in her groove as well. Less translating and a much happier Chloe we have. She is happy to have her own space and help in school, without brothers. It's obvious the boys blending in better is giving her relief of where SHE fits in here. Because they did displace HER when they came, bio brothers or not.

So for today, things are good. No further accidents this week, everyone must be accidented out. Let's hope anyway. And we are thankful to just be livin' life, lovin' each other and for all of YOU:)

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and Baby Makes 10 !! said...

Congratulations on your beautiful family! I saw your post on RQ and had to check it out! Such a great Mom you are. I read several of your posts. I love the "last nerve" post...I say that all of the time!
We are currently paperchasing for our 10th child...but only 4 of them are still in the house. ;o)

Congratulations on your new sons. My sister has a Chase and Chance. ;o)

Sheri (Leilah Di, Olivia Xia and XiaoXiao's Mommy...and Mom to many more!)